Obama’s Catholic Vote Crumbling?


Internal polling must be driving the Obama re-election campaign nuts.  Every time they turn around, another segment poll shows his support either stagnant or dropping, and in some cases, dropping like a rock.  Today’s report, from Human Events, has more bad news for the President’s campaign and this one involves a huge block of voters.

In 2008 Barack Obama carried 54% of the Catholic vote.  Today only 27% of Catholics support Obama.  There are over 77 million Catholics in the United States.

The American Life League reported:

“Between August 15-19 of this year, American Life League commissioned a nationwide telephone survey of 900 self-identified Catholic registered voters.  The focus of the survey was Catholic perspectives on the Church and nation.  Below are some of the results of the survey.

Only 27 percent of the Catholics surveyed support President Obama.  Of those surveyed, 74 percent of Catholic men over the age of 50 do not support Obama, while Obama support among Catholic men under 50 years is only 25 percent. With Catholic women over the age of 50, the president’s support is only 23 percent, with just 31 percent among Catholic women under 50 years.

American Life League speculates that such a dramatic shift may be caused by Obama’s HHS mandates and ensuing legal battle over religious freedom, as 73 percent of Catholics polled believe that the mandates violate their religious freedom.”

Read the entire report by clicking right here.

I’m sure the President’s supporters will tell you “this poll is flawed because it counts registered voters, not ‘likely voters’” and on that we agree…a little.  If his support has eroded that drastically among registered voters, it more than like has eroded among those who actually go to the polls and vote.  Perhaps not just 27%, but perhaps it will be that low or lower.  This poll reflects a trend and that trend will not be welcome news at Obama headquarters.