Obama’s Constitution Problem – It’s Not A Socialist Document Yet


Daily Caller did a good job of listing the top ten Constitutional violations of Constitutional lawyer, Barack Obama.

I guess Barack took Constitutional law to see how best to dismantle it.

These are the infringements listed in the article:

  1. the individual mandate
  2. coercive Medicaid expansion in states
  3. The Independent Payment Advisory Board (a.k.a. “The Death Panel”)
  4. the Chrysler bailout and Obama’s bullying of creditors
  5. The Dodd-Frank financial “reform” which empowered unlimited, unreviewable and often secret bureaucratic discretion
  6. the deep water drilling ban
  7. Political-speech disclosure for federal contractors that would require businesses with federal contracts to disclose independent expenditures on federal elections (political speech independent of candidates and parties)
  8. Taxing political contributions. Earlier this year, the IRS tried to muzzle political speech by asserting that donations to certain nonprofit advocacy groups (so-called 501(c)(4) organizations) would be subject to the gift tax.
  9. Graphic tobacco warnings
  10. Health care waivers

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And here is Obama talking about the fundamental flaw in the Constitution, which is its failure to redistribute the wealth. Now that shows some serious misunderstanding of the Constitution. It wasn’t meant to be a Marxist doctrine.