Obama’s Big Keystone XL Lie

U.S. Pipelines Reach Almost Every Town In the Country

President Obama said he rejected the Keystone pipeline back on January 18th because Republicans imposed an artificial deadline on him. Obama further said that an alternate route was needed to avoid environmentally sensitive areas of Nebraska.

Of course Obama is not working to find that alternate route nor will he with this extra time he said he needed. Environmentalists are concerned about oil spills and Obama is going to side with them for political reasons no matter what the circumstances.

When Obama blocked construction of the pipeline saying it “prevented a full assessment of the pipeline’s impact, especially the health and safety of the American people, as well as our environment,” he was being disingenuous. We already have far more existing pipeline and the Keystone pipeline pales in comparison.

The current total mileage nationwide of refined products pipelines is approximately 95,000 miles. The Keystone pipeline is only 1700 miles, 1.8% of the total already running across our country.

The difference of course is that none of the existing ones are opposed by Obama.

Prior to Obama’s decision, Keystone and Nebraska’s state government had worked out a deal to bisect the Ogallala aquifer in Nebraska which provides the water to irrigate huge areas of farmland in the U.S. Midwest. After three years of study and negotiating, all the kinks were worked out except for the anti-oil extremists.

The obvious outcome of stopping the Keystone pipeline is that Canada will divert their pipeline west and sell their oil to China.

Obama’s response to that was “Canada is not looking towards the emerging Asian markets.”

Not likely that anyone with knowledge of the situation believed Obama.

In mid-February, Canadian finance minister, Ron Liepert, told Reuters, “We believe Keystone will be revived and approved after the presidential election. But it’s not a sure thing.” In other words, if we replace our President, we have a shot at getting the oil that will otherwise go to Asia.

On their website, TransCanada says the following with regard to the Keystone Pipeline –

TransCanada anticipates approval of the Presidential Permit application – which is required as the pipeline will cross the Canada/U.S. border – in the first quarter of 2013, after which construction will quickly begin.

The date for re-application is immediately after the election.

This week, in an interview with Steve Forbes at a tax summit co-hosted by the George W. Bush Institute and Forbes Magazine, Bush said the goal for the U.S. economy should be private-sector economic growth that could be achieved through initiatives like the Keystone pipeline. “The goal ought to be private-sector growth,” Bush said. “That ought to help inform people about a Keystone Pipeline, so if the whole Administration understands that private sector growth is the objective then the Keystone Pipeline becomes an easier answer for people.”

Keystone XL is one space battle in Obama’s war with fossil fuels and, if his war is successful, the middle class will be hard-pressed to finance their basic energy needs.

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