Obama’s Early Release Cocaine Dealer Kills Woman, Slits Throats of Two Children


WendellObama’s early release program is going to work as expected – badly. A cocaine dealer who received early release murdered his ex-girlfriend and her two children. He now faces the death penalty.

Criminals already plea down their cases before sentencing and now thanks to Obama they get to have early release as well.

Erveen Hammonds
Erveen Hammonds

Wendell Callahan, 35, murdered his ex-girlfriend Erveena Hammonds, 32,  and her two children Anaesia Green, 10, and Breya Hammonds, 7. He was not the father.

He stabbed them brutally in their home in Columbus, Ohio in January.

Sentenced to 12 1/2 years, Callahan had 4 years shaved off his sentence because of two guideline changes.

He also stabbed Hammonds current boyfriend Curtis Miller who showed up while Callahan was still in the apartment. Callahan was stabbed himself in the ensuing fight with Miller. Both are out of the hospital.

There were many witnesses and some were crying as they told the police they saw the children in the apartment with their throats slit. The children were first and fifth graders.

In 2006, Callahan tried to kill her. Ms. Hammonds said at the time that he had beaten and choked her so severely that she thought he “would have killed her if (a) good Samaritan didn’t pass by.”

But his behavior was good in prison and the judge found that he presented no threat to the public. He’s one of those low level offenders Obama wants free to roam our streets.

No threat? He tried to kill her in 2006!

Callahan’s idiotic mother said the murder accusations were out of character.

“He wouldn’t do that to her and her kids,” she said.

She raised a sociopath by making excuses just like that for his behavior.

Wendall Callahan

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  1. He should’ve been put to death many year’s ago, maybe Obama want’s him left to roam the street’s to eliminate his future muslim’s that he’s going in to let into the USA?

  2. How about all the early releases that didn’t slit anybody’s throats? Any stories here about them?

    • Let’s ask Erveen and her children. Oh, wait, we can’t, they were slaughtered. FYI, the recidivism rate is high.

    • Does that matter? Remember Obama wants to take all guns away because “if we could save one life….” Well, I guess you might have forgotten about that. This was Obama’s doing and it had no guns involved.


  4. It’s looking like he may be innocent….. get the story right before posting shit like this…..

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