Obama’s Enormous Fall From Grace & the Rise of Communist Cuba


Secret Service and prostitutes aside, the President was an embarrassment at the ‘Summit of the Americas.’ He went from rock star to Obama-who? in three short years. Communist Cuba has more stature and Obama’s failed efforts to impose sanctions on Cuba left him isolated and alone during the summit.

Washington’s isolation is unprecedented.

Even our conservative ally, Columbia, agreed to the demand that Cuba be included in the next meeting of  the Organization of American States.

Obama’s neglect of Latin America has allowed China to step into the region.

Obama announced that a U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement will come into force in the middle of May. He will spin this at home as a way to increase jobs at home through trade. He will likely say his trip was a success but it wasn’t and it is one more example of the U.S. stature sinking throughout the world.

MSNBC:…Argentine President Cristina Fernandez, who has insisted Washington recognize its claim to the Falkland Islands controlled by Britain, left the summit on Sunday morning, before its official closure.

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa boycotted the meeting over Cuba, and fellow leftist Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua also stayed at home. The leftist ALBA bloc of nations – including Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and some Caribbean nations – said they will not attend future summits without Cuba’s presence.

“It’s not a favor anyone would be doing to Cuba. It’s a right they’ve had taken away from them,” Ortega said from Managua. “At this meeting in Cartagena, I think it’s time for the U.S. government, all President Obama’s advisers, to listen to all the Latin American nations.”

Though there were widespread hopes for a rapprochement with Cuba under Obama when he took office, Washington has done little beyond ease some travel restrictions, saying democratic changes must come on the island before any further steps can be taken.

Obama has not spoken of Cuba in Colombia, though he did complain that Cold War-era issues, some dating from before his birth, were hindering perspectives on regional integration…Read more

It’s a pretty bad situation when even MSNBC has to report it.