Obama’s EPA Rules to Make U.S. Airplanes Uncompetitive, More to Come



The Obama administration plans to launch the climate change regulation agenda this summer and it will cross the entire U.S. economy.

The EPA announced their plans to regulate airline emissions and will soon announce draft rules on trucks. In a nod to their rich pals, the administration will not regulate private planes or Air Force One.

Other draconian climate change rules coming this summer include the trucks that deliver our goods, airlines that are already suffering under burdensome regulations, and power plants which will destroy coal and attack oil.

Airlines will not be able to compete with foreign airlines that don’t follow U.S. guidelines but rather internationals rules. Mr. Obama had promised he would stick with international rules but that was one promise he never meant to keep. They can increase prices and increase seats in their already overcrowded planes. It will be a boon for European and other foreign airlines. It’s Obama’s new unintended outsourcing.


The U.S. economy is collateral as he realizes his extreme climate change agenda.

There will be EPA rules aimed at reducing emissions of methane—a potent greenhouse gas—from oil and natural-gas operations, along with three regulations that will lower carbon from oil and gas plants.

All of this will be extremely costly and will have questionable benefits but it is Obama’s climate legacy.

Congress has not approved a cap & trade so Obama is doing it anyway and, in what appears an almost vengeful move, his cap & trade rules re far worse than the bills put before Congress which only passed the House at the time.

He is using agencies to legislate. The rules are laws dripping into our energy sector, gradually causing harm that we will realize over time.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), is urging governors across the country to defy the EPA by not submitting plans to comply with its rule cutting power-plant emissions.

Democrats and Republicans alike in fossil fuel states say Obama is going beyond the law and is usurping the role of Congress.

These Obama administration regulations share several things in common with the upcoming directives: they seem motivated more by ideology than science, and they’re likely to negatively affect the economy and hurt both the cost and reliability of energy for hard-working American families and small-business owners,” Mr. McConnell said.

A 2007 Supreme Court case allows the EPA to regulate carbon emissions. They’ve become ever-more repressive and regressive since that ruling which has already stifled the economic growth in this country.

The agenda which Obama is moving on with lightening speed is what he plans to promise at December’s UN Summit. He is the president of the world and the UN is his real country, the one he is loyal to.

Congressmen insisted that there was nothing in the upcoming trade deal/treaty to be concerned about but in fact Mr. Obama has made at least two speeches in which he announces his plans to use the trade deal to push HIS climate change agenda. They now plan to put in language banning Obama’s climate change agenda but he will undoubtedly do it anyway.

Source: Wall Street Journal