Obama’s Federal Policing – $163 Million for Community Organizers to Help Police


Obama in Camden

Obama’s federalized policing policies are beginning to take effect in a number of big cities, Camden being one of them.

Barack Obama was in the Democratic stronghold of Camden, New Jersey today where he has his DOJ community organizers reforming the police, moving them from justice to social justice.

The administration was releasing its final blueprint on 21st century policing on this trip. Camden is one of their “pilot” cities meant to transform city police departments into tools of big government.

Camden is unusual in that it fired their city police and hired new ones at lower salaries. They busted the union but still insist they want a strong union to protect the police.

The turnover rate is higher than it was previously.

They say murders are cut in half and violent crime is down 24%. The ACLU says excessive force complaints and citations are on the rise, however, and they are not happy about it.

Obama wants to hold it up as a “national model” and “embrace it as part of America”.

The city is a Democratic disaster of crime and poverty though Obama calls it a “symbol of promise.”

The big news is he’s issuing $163 million in grants with taxpayer money to hire community organizers allegedly to build trust but we all know they are going to run around bullying police, collecting data aimed at nailing police, and they will be far-left Democrats or criminals. I don’t know who is getting the grants but it will undoubtedly include LaRaza and ACORN which now goes under different names.

In Camden, police are out of cars and on foot. They are reaching out to the community in high-crime areas by engaging in community-friendly activities. In one such activity lauded by the administration, Camden County police sent ice cream trucks across the city for Mother’s Day treats. Police are also reading to school children.

De-escalation of force is a big part of this new type of social work policing and we got to see how that works in Baltimore.

An Obama fiat today forbad police from having bayonets, grenade launchers, weaponized aircraft, tracked armored vehicles and large caliber weapons which might be a problem when terrorists start attacking. If the police want these vehicles, the locals have to approve. Obama always goes too far.

The most transparent administration EVER will insist that local police share data with local community groups and researchers.

Pilot cities lured by grant money, have agreed to share data with academics who will develop an early warning system that would “[home] in on problems before they manifest themselves in the community,”according to Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz in a phone interview with Politico.

That sounds eerily like thought police.

Camden County Police Chief J. Scott Thomson said community policing must be the culture but what is really happening is the federal government is developing a one-size-fits all mandate for all local police.

“It must be the core principle that lies at the foundation of a police department’s culture,” Thomson testified to the president’s task force. “The only way to significantly reduce fear, crime, and disorder and then sustain these gains is to leverage the greatest force multiplier: the people of the community.”

Yep, keep those ice cream trucks coming.