Obama’s Friend Rezko Sentenced to Another Ten Years

Obama - I don't know nothing.

Obama voted present when his friend Tony Rezko went down on various unrelated charges without implicating Obama on their shady land deal.

Obama’s close friend, Tony Rezko, was sentenced to another ten years today on top of his other convictions and more convictions are coming. Rezko operated like a Mafia thug, the Chicago way, but Obama said he had no clue.

Obama’s crony capitalist shenanigans and the Rezko way of functioning through bribery are similar. Solyndra is one of several examples. In that scheme, Obama donors were paid off with contracts.

Rezko was a close friend of Obama’s and a major fundraiser for him. Rezko committed massive fraud and bribery for years. Obama explains his close friendship and financial partnership with Rezko as “not the Tony Rezko I know.” Reuters has the story

Don’t forget the questionable land deal that Obama took part in with Rezko. In 2008, it was brought up during the campaign, but no one cared. Obama simply said “a mistake on my part and I regret it,” but he denied any wrongdoing.

Washington Times A former Illinois real estate specialist says FBI agents have questioned him about a Chicago property that had been bought by convicted felon Tony Rezko’s wife and later sold to the couple’s next-door neighbor, Sen. Barack Obama.

The real estate specialist, Kenneth J. Conner, said bank officials replaced an appraisal review he prepared on the property and FBI agents were investigating in late 2007 whether the Rezko-Obama deal was proper.

“Agents and I talked about payoff, bribe, kickback for a long time, though it took them only a short number of minutes of talking with me while looking at the appraisal to acknowledge what they already seemed to know: The Rezko lot was grossly overvalued,” Mr. Conner told The Washington Times Monday.

“Rezko paid the asking price on the same day Obama paid $300,000 less than the asking price to the same seller for his adjacent mansion,” he said. “This begs the question of payoff, bribe, kickback.”

In a wrongful-termination complaint filed last month in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Mr. Conner said his appraisal of the Rezko property, held in Rita Malki Rezko’s name, was replaced with a higher one and he was fired when he questioned the document (emboldened words are the editor’s).