Obama’s Gang Friends in Ferguson Riot Again


Ferguson rioters are back at it. They are looting, burning and shooting. It didn’t help that the president of the United States has elevated their bad behavior by appearing to justify it before the U.N. yesterday. He not only justified it, he drew moral equivalence with the Middle East horrors which he referred to as turmoil.

So far the riots in Ferguson have cost the county $4.2 million, the Kansas City Star tells us.

The county’s chief operating officer, Garry Earls, told KMOV-TV that $2.6 million has been spent on police overtime, the biggest chunk of the $4.2 million bill. Another $170,000 was for damage to police cars caused by rioters.

This doesn’t count the damage to businesses.

The rioters are not done.

The Ferguson trouble makers went around smashing store windows, looting, setting fires, and shooting off guns on Thursday evening. There was a mob of rioters that dwindled to 75 about midnight. Three have been arrested.

One beauty salon hit was hit for the third time. The owners replaced their smashed windows this past week at a cost of $1300.

This riot might have been in response to the burning of a makeshift memorial in front of one of the stores hit by the vandals. No one has explained how the memorial was burned. There were candles burning and it could have been an accident.

These rioters who have been extolled are gang people. This is what we are dealing with and this is what the president encouraged with his address to the U.N. yesterday.

Go to the 01:10 mark on the video, make sure to listen to Charles Krauthammer:

The Ferguson”protesters” who are really unruly rioters, are misbehaving so badly that the DOJ seeks to ban any reporting of hearings and other meetings with the town or county. He wants to eliminate free speech to cover up the gang behavior.