Obama’s Green Car Only Burns Up If It Hits a Metallic Object – Yay!


Tesla Tesla model S on fire after driver drove over a metal object and upset the battery

A Tesla model S sedan burned into oblivion Tuesday outside of Seattle after it allegedly ran over a metallic object no one could later find. Tesla said the ‘impact’ caused the fire. Other times they said it was the result of a ‘collision.’

Three years ago, the same thing happened. I wrote this exact story three years ago.

People driving by took video of the car burning with their cell phones and posted the video on the Internet. It went viral. It caused the stock to fall drastically.

This is funny but there is a curse word used:

Tesla said the fire was contained!!! At least they kept their sense of humor. Check out the video and tell me how this fire is contained. The firefighters had trouble putting it out because water seemed to make it worse. The car has a five-star safety rating in crash tests as per Tesla’s rating system.

US taxpayers ‘invested’ in Tesla when it was suffering record losses in 2009. The U.S. Department of Energy offered to lend the company $465 million at rock-bottom interest rates. We are also subsidizing each car sold and depending on the state, subsidies can go up to over $15,000. That’s our taxpayer money!

It’s a rich man’s car but it’s electric, thus the reason for our ‘investment.’ It costs $71,000 to buy.

It doesn’t have to be a worthwhile ‘investment’ for us to ‘invest,’ just green.

We have another rotten investment by the Obama administration here and it’s worse than Solyndra. While other investors can sell their stock, we can’t. We are stuck with it. Two days after the burning car video hit youtube, investors shaved $2.4 billion off the company’s market value.

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