Obama’s Hecklers Are Like No Other


Have you noticed that Obama’s hecklers are rarely espousing views contrary to his own? At least not for years. Mr. Obama’s response is always that this is a nation of laws and he can’t oppose Congress. His responses are ironic in that he ignores Congress on almost every issue, even when not ignoring them is required by the Constitution.

Even more ironic is the fact that his hecklers never complain about his power grabs, overstepping Congress, gun control, abortion, his treatment of Israel and conservatives, and excessive spending. Quite the opposite, the protesters want the wars to end, the Keystone XL pipeline squashed, more gay rights, more extreme abortion rights, gun control, and most recently, illegal immigration rights.

A U of C Berkeley graduate in Poly Sci, who is reportedly pursuing a law degree, called out while Mr. Obama gave a speech in San Francisco on Monday in what was described as heckling.

Ju Hong, 24, shouted: “I need your help. My family will be separated on Thanksgiving. Please use your executive order. You have the power to stop deportation.”

Others at the Betty Ong Center in San Francisco joined Hong and shouted, “Stop deportation, yes we can.”


Mr. Hong, Heckler

Mr. Obama’s response is always the same – we are a nation of laws, he will fight with them against Congress, and he can’t violate the law. These comments are ironic also in that they come from the most lawless president in recent history, perhaps US history.

His violations of Obamacare law; ignoring separation of powers; failure to investigate numerous scandals; overreaches by his agencies such as the EPA, which have been repeatedly found unconstitutional; and, most recently, his lie to sell Obamacare – if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan – a lie which has been exposed as a deliberate attempt to soften the blow of the redistribution in Obamacare (NY Times 11/25).

Audiences allowed into Mr. Obama’s speeches are very tightly controlled. I have personally experienced that. They use a similar approach to the one they use with White House photos – only the White House staff are allowed to photograph the White House personnel, including the Obamas.


This photo got past the censors.

One has to wonder about it…

The video of the ‘heckling’:

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Source: CSNBayArea.com