Obama’s Ingenious Path to Exonerating Hillary



There is another path to exonerating Grandma Hillary that we hadn’t though of but Dear leader has. James Clapper, a known liar and Obama minion, might get rid of the lower level of classification of secrecy of documents.

grandma hill

If he gets rid of the lowest tier of classification, it would be very helpful to Hillary in her criminal case that she keeps insisting doesn’t exist.There’d be that many fewer violations to deal with obviously.

This is the Obama administration’s response to her violations of national security.

In a memo circulated to intelligence agency leaders last month, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper asked for feedback about eliminating the “confidential” level of classification.

“Please comment on whether the CONFIDENTIAL classification level can be eliminated from your agencies’ guides and the negative impacts this might have on mission success,” Clapper wrote to the heads of the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency and three other federal intelligence offices in his three-page memo.

“This action could promote transparency,” Clapper added, by “simplifying agency classification practices,” focusing only on sensitive material “that would cause significant and demonstrable harm to national security if improperly released” and reflect the fact “that few, if any” clearances are issued at the “confidential” level alone.

Obama was vilified by some government leakers and Republicans after he told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that Hillary was merely careless and there’s “classified and there’s classified.”

Remember Clapper’s major lie in 2013? He’s bad news too.

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