Obama’s Legacy: Turning Arab Spring into a Nuclear Winter?


In December of 2010 a man named Mohamed Bouazizi, protesting corruption in Tunisia, set himself on fire. That sensational, horrific, internationally covered event became the catalyst for what became known as the Arab Spring.

While this movement was initially heralded as a wave of popular uprisings against oppressive rule, that upbeat characterization dramatically changed over the next few years.

Following the very quick and successful ousting of Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali,   massive, oft-times bloody demonstrations began spreading across the Middle East and North Africa.

The Media’s breathless reporting on the blossoming of an Arab Spring began changing as regional unrest begot outbreaks of seemingly senseless murder, mayhem and barbarism. Also removed from their original narrative was the credit being attributed to Barack Obama for his part in the fledgling revolutions.

There was a good reason for an adoring press to make that change in their story. It seemed every time our president pushed for, or had a specific hand regarding a change of regime, the results worked strongly against the best interests of the United States and her allies.

He was instrumental in overthrowing a long time ally in Egypt and installing the Muslim Brotherhood. Thankfully Egyptians, over the objections of Obama, had the good sense to bounce out that crew of hateful killers.

Last September, Barack was spiking the football over his successful installation of different leadership in Yemen. He boasted that shift led to the development of a model for a winning “counterterrorism campaign”. Within months that country’s president and government were gone, with the vacuum being filled by Iranian backed fighters.

Our Commander-in-Chief couldn’t get rid of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi fast enough.

Perhaps Obama forgot Gaddafi’s 2003, voluntary, very good faith, surprise destruction of all his nation’s chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons stockpiles. Or maybe Barack didn’t want to be reminded Muammar’s stunning reversal might have been related to George Bush’s virtually simultaneous, unceremonious ouster of Saddam Hussein.

Either way Barack’s not so excellent Libyan adventure led to the deaths of 4 brave Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador. Chaos remains supreme in that war ravaged nation.

Yet, even given a horribly failed foreign policy track record that would humble all but the most incurable narcissist, President Barack Obama has pressed ahead on a deal that would allow an openly, defiant, belligerent Iran, to have nuclear weapons.

That is scaring the hell out of an eclectic group of our traditional, regional friends, including but not limited to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey.

Leaders of those 4 nations, with a better sense of history than our guy, and a fresher recall of what happened to Gaddafi after his disarmament, are warily watching Iran continue its military expansion into expensive, neighboring real estate. These men will most certainly not sit idly by. They will surely begin to protect their citizens by meeting the Iranian threat with nuclear arms of their own, filling the most volatile region in the world with apocalyptic devices. Let the “stockpiling of scientists” and weapons grade material begin!

If you’re thinking that this kind of proliferation can be managed as in the past, using the mantra of mutually assured destruction, you’d be dreaming. That deterrent only worked because neither the U.S. or Soviets wanted Armageddon.

The same cannot be said of Iran, the central, deadly protagonist in this crisis. There are disturbing, extreme messianic strains of thought coming from the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism that heartily embrace the kind of “end of days” scenario they feel would quicken the reappearance of the “Hidden Imam”.   http://richard-hooker.com/sites/worldcultures/SHIA/HIDDEN.HTM

Given the current increasingly dark circumstances, some of us may recall when such dread would give rise to talk of a “nuclear winter”. That was a term used to describe the climatic effect resulting from a nuclear war.

Multiple, catastrophic exchanges would create firestorms destined to produce an anti-greenhouse reaction, cooling the Earth’s climate for years. An arms race centered in a trigger-happy Middle East could be just the toxic recipe needed to ignite this kind of cataclysmic event.

So here we are. The glimmering hope of a world order changed for the better by our young president’s soaring rhetoric has crashed and burned after coming under fire from the world’s, reality based, truly bad actors.

Undeterred, Barack plods ahead.

Equally undeterred, the murderous Iranians happily allow their egoist ally to negotiate them into the family of nuclear nations.

It would seem under Barack Obama’s foreign policy watch, the dream of an Arab Spring could well be turning into the nightmare of a nuclear winter. While it might not be the legacy Obama wants, it may be the tragic one history will assign him.