Obama’s Mickey Mouse Plan For Job Creation



Obama, while visiting Arizona, the state he is suing, talked about creating jobs through tourism.

Jobs are the central theme of Obama’s re-election campaign.

After visiting Arizona, he went off to Disney World to tell the Floridians he had a plan for job creation in the tourism industry. In order to makes these speeches at Disney World, he had to close it down to tourists.

His plan doesn’t exist as of now. Reminds me of when Obama insisted the Republicans vote for his Jobs Plan before it was even written.

His plan is to direct top officials from the Commerce and Interior departments to come up with a plan to create tourism and recreation jobs by promoting foreign travel to the nation’s national parks, monuments, historic sites, wildlife refuges and public lands.

Now if I understand this correctly, he has no plan for tourism as he touts his plan for tourism right after he killed thousands of jobs that the Keystone pipeline would have created. Read here: Tucson Citizen