Obama’s Middle-of-the-Road Promises About to Be Broken


In November of last year, President Obama said, “Let me be clear, I’m not wedded to every detail of my plan,” said the President. “I’m open to compromise.” However, he added, “but, I refuse to accept any approach that isn’t balanced.”

The idea of any compromise is looking like wishful thinking.

President Obama, who said he would work with the Republicans, had his first meeting on the fiscal cliff today and it was with Progressives and union leaders. They put to bed the idea that the war on the rich was over. They went back on their promises to make minor adjustments to social security for those who are not near collecting, even though they and Obama promised they would during the campaign.

His next meeting is with big business [not small business] paving the way for more crony socialism also known as crony capitalism.

It was only six days ago when he said he’d meet with Mitt Romney and ask for ideas. He doesn’t even meet with his jobs council, why would he be different now? During the campaign, he moved to the middle verbally, saying he would work with Republicans and he would “beg if he had to.”

He is already saying that we will go over the fiscal cliff if Republicans don’t change the tax rate for the millionaires who make $250,000 and above. [His math isn’t very good] Boehner has offered tax increases with elimination of loopholes but Obama is insisting on rate changes. The difference here is that the first is meant to help with the deficit and the second is to bring us into a socialist, share the wealth model.

The WSJ today had an article, US Redraw World Oil Map, in which they talk about the shale-oil boom that will help the US overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer by 2020. The article states that President Obama’s second term will be different from his first in that he is targeting energy.

They believed Obama when he said that growing energy extraction in the US can create jobs and boost the economy. They believe he will work with Republicans. They cite the recent increase in oil and natural gas production in the US.

They have forgotten that Obama believes what the environmental extremist platform espouses, that he did not allow the Keystone XL pipeline, and that the EPA is about to pass a carbon tax.

They also didn’t notice that three days after he was elected, President Obama blocked 1.6 million acres of land from fraking, land that would have potentially produced a trillion barrels of oil. Nearly 700,000 acres in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming were closed off with one Republican, Ed Whitfield of Kentucky, voicing dissent. [Oil development blocked]

President Obama also promised to cut regulations that are killing business and growth.

The White House website bragged about all the regulation reform Obama has done and will continue to do:

In January 2011, President Obama outlined his plan to create a 21st-century regulatory system – one that protects public health and welfare while promoting economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, and job creation. Among other things, his Executive Order on Regulation said the following: Always consider costs and reduce burdens for American businesses and consumers when developing rules; expand opportunities for public participation and public comment; simplify rules; promote freedom of choice; and ensure that regulations are driven by real science.

Here he is in 2007 when he signed EO 13563:

“…the last barriers we’re trying to remove, and those are outdated and unnecessary regulations. I’ve ordered a government-wide review, and if there are rules on the books that are needlessly stifling job creation and economic growth, we will fix them.”

-President Obama

The reality is quite the opposite. In the past 90+ days, the administration has posted 6,125 regulations and notices, 68 per day. These regulations will kill jobs and innovation. Check them out for yourself. reguations.gov website.

via CNS News

…In the past 90 days, it has posted 6,125 regulations and notices – an average of 68 a day.

The website allows visitors to find and comment on proposed regulations and related documents published by the U.S. federal government. “Help improve Federal regulations by submitting your comments,” the website says.

The thousands of entries run the gamut from meeting notifications to fee schedules to actual rules and proposed rule changes.

In recent days, for example, the EPA posted a proposed rule involving volatile organic compound emissions from architectural coatings: “We are approving a local rule that regulates these emission sources under the Clean Air Act (CAA or the Act),” the proposed rule states. “We are taking comments on this proposal and plan to follow with a final action.”…