Obama’s OWS Funded By Seditionists


As reported here on September 17th, the Occupiers have been funded by Soros groups such as Daily Kos, MoveOn (funded by the TIDES foundation), adbusters (anarchist group funded by the TIDES foundation), and David Lerner of SEIU, among other leftist groups. They are seeking revolution and the overthrow of our government.

This is not just something I read on some crazy blog. I heard them talk about it and I have them on tape saying it. They told me the National Lawyer’s Guild was handling all their arrests. The Guild is a communist front organization well known to the FBI as such.

According to a report by investigative reporter Aaron Klein, the TIDES foundation is a Soros funded group which is offering “Direct Action Preparation and Training” courses today and tomorrow so they can cause riots in Manhattan on November 17th, 30th and beyond. Click for their schedule which includes disruption and chaos, which will cost us a great deal of money in the least.

These riots will put our police and innocents in harm’s way. It begins with the shutting down Wall Street, proceeds to occupy the subway, and ends up by taking the Square (Foley).

Stephen Lerner was behind the shutting down of the Brooklyn Bridge. Shockingly, Stephen Lerner has visited the White House 4 times and his boss, Andy Stern, is special advisor to Obama.

A video of Lerner talking about the destruction of capitalism in a closed session at Pace University has been scrubbed from much of the Internet (surprise, surprise). The transcript is available here. In the transcript, Lerner details a secret plan to “destabilize” the country.The plan seeks to destroy JP Morgan Chase, the stock market and create the environment for redistribution of wealth.

This is the video but it might be removed soon so view it now

The OWS are using manuals written by The Ruckus Society in planning these “direct action techniques.” They are funded by the TIDES foundation. The Ruckus Society helped organize protests at the World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle in ’99. It turned violent. Manual titles are “Blockading for Beginners, Anonymous Riot Guide, and ‘Uncle Sam the Pusher Man.”

Here is one tidbit from the Anonymous Riot Guide –  “Out of Control Protest Behavior Concept – The concept of “Out of Control” is based on a decentralized organization structure and uncontrolled movements of the crowd as well to circle around police lines and the suddenly appearance a crowd, similar to a flashmob. The protest participants try to spread often and reunite at a different place and try to hide the borders between protests an environment with this behavior…” The manual is also available in Arabic.

From Delia Smith’s “Blockading for Beginners”  –


Being arrested is easy, you just stay quiet and wait for them to let you out.

If you can, remember the arresting officers number and ask what it is that you are being nicked for.

You don’t have to tell the police anything except your name and address.

Don’t sign anything except the list of your belongings.

If they ask you anything (especially if you have an interview) answer…


Solicitors No’.- Legal support No’.-

Long Island now has their own Occupy Long Island which is an allegedly peaceful movement to this point. Their goal is to take down the big banks, pass out “informative” literature, and organize Occupy Nassau and Suffolk groups in unity with Occupy Wall Street. This is their blog.

Unfortunately, the only direction this will end in violence. They plan to hold a General Assembly, after the French Revolution, in Philly in the spring.  Our President and many Democrats support them. They have not come off that support no matter how insane the behavior of the OWS. Wake up America!