The Obama – Holder Plan for Unconstitutional Amnesty & Voter Fraud


Expect widespread voter fraud from Obama’s camp while they denounce Republican fraud. The National Popular Vote is one way they will steal the vote but they are doing that in plain sight: Read about the National Popular Vote here.

Another commonly used method, which I see often in NY, is encouraging illegals to vote, that would be illegals from all over the world. We at the Independent Sentinel love Hispanics and people from all over the world, but we want only citizens to vote.

While we can thank the misinterpretation of the 14th amendment, allowed by one of our former justices, for some of the abuses, we can thank our current administration even more.

Obama & Holder are bypassing Congress, by allowing illegals who would normally be deported to apply for work permits. The government claims it will remove criminal illegals, but they have been slipshod on this issue before and the open borders crowd has found a way around it.

This is from CBS News –

Some states are rebelling against another administration effort to control illegal immigration known as Secure Communities. The program requires that when state and local law enforcement send criminal suspects’ fingerprints to the FBI, the prints are run through an immigration database to determine the person’s immigration status. States have argued that the program puts them in the position of policing immigration, which they consider a federal responsibility. Immigrant advocacy groups have complained that people who had not yet been convicted of a crime were being caught up in the system.

Based on this, deporting illegal criminals becomes very difficult. They won’t even let Sheriff Joe Arpaio round up illegals.

In June the Immigration and Customs Enforcement told their agents to use discretion so as not to deport illegals who could potentially become legal via mandates such as the DREAM Act or based on their having been here illegally for a long time. The longer an illegal has gotten away with breaking our laws, the better it is for the illegal. The AP has the letter online directing the agents to no longer enforce the law.

Western Journalism had an interesting piece, which, despite some inaccuracies about a free “Obama phone,” does contain this paragraph which appears to be accurate –

…A source contacted me saying she translated Latino publications, and they are urging Hispanic illegals to be sure to get their work permits, so they can get drivers’ licenses, so they can register to vote. In the Chicago way, are we seeing the Obama campaign begin now to pad their Democrat voter lists by providing illegals incentives to vote for Obama by paving the way to sidestep those onerous voter ID rules about 35 states have enacted?

My source sent me the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles official proofs of identity form “for learner permit, driver license or non-driver ID card.”  A point value of “4″ is assigned to “DMV form MV-45A Statement of Identity And/or Residence-For Applicants Represented by Government or Government-Approved Facilities.” So, using this cascade of events to vote in our elections becomes a real possibility…Western Journalism

The free “Obama Phone” isn’t fair since it is a program that has been in effect for ten years and it is funded privately. Whether the private benefactors receive public funds, I cannot say. However, the path for illegals obtaining a driver’s license with a work permit is plausible, especially given NYS bureaucratic ineptitude.

Unfortunately, illegals don’t need to go to this much trouble. They are able to obtain fake Driver’s licenses and social security cards with little effort at the current time. I know illegals who have, and do, and they vote. Read more about identity theft by illegals here: Mortensen

We now have The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act (HR 3012) which gives work permits to talented foreign nationals while we have an extraordinarily large number of unemployed white collar people who are citizens and legal residents. Schumer’s version also allows people who are currently here illegally to stay and apply.

The Irish illegals demanded to be included and will be to the tune of 10,000 per year. In a way it is fair. If we allow, tens of thousands of illegals from other countries to apply for work permits after they have broken our laws, why not them?

The Irish largely vote Democratic by the way – Ireland is a Socialist nation and they are one of the PIIGS. Sorry to all my Irish ancestors for saying that but the truth is the truth.

Let’s not forget the recent stripping of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s right to enforce immigration law. Read here: Sheriff Joe’s department stripped of rights

Personally, I am not opposed to an amnesty plan and don’t want to see millions of people deported with their legal children. I do want to see a legally constituted amnesty plan and I don’t want illegals voting.  Also, I want Obama and Holder to stop breaking the law.