Obama’s Revised American Dream – Welfare In a SNAP


SNAP Photo of sign at liquor store advertising that they take food stamps

SNAP isn’t welfare, it’s a healthy food program! That’s the message the USDA is sending. They believe their mission is to get as many people as possible on food stamps and they are doing an amazing job, having doubled the numbers of people on food stamps since 2008.

The following video is an ad aimed at getting immigrants to sign up for food stamps and to not feel stigmatized by it because it’s about their health, not living on the dole.

The USDA had to walk this back after the Daily Caller exclusive brought it to national attention, but their philosophy hasn’t changed.

This video isn’t helped by the fact that the acting and script are awful. It won’t win any awards.

SNAP or food stamps will cost 78 billion dollars this year, doubling since 2008. Food stamps and assistance add up to 70% of the USDA’s outlays. The majority of people in the nation believe food stamp recipients are abusing the system.

The government system is working to get more people signed up and they are basically giving the stamps away.

For those who don’t want to go to the social security office, there are enrollment centers in stores. Store owners see food stamps as good for the community.

Stamps are gone and the free food money is now delivered via credit cards called EBT cards. The cards are being used for beer, cigarettes, gambling, and so on.

In 2009, there were 28 million on food stamps, now 47 million are on them – 15% of our nation. This lays squarely on the shoulders of Obama, who truly is the food stamp president. He’s responsible for the unemployment and pushing people onto the dole.

Some of the increase in food stamps is because of the unemployment rate but the fact is that Obama made qualifying for the stamps easier.

The Stimulus made food stamps into a great American giveaway and eliminated the qualifying requirements for welfare. Recipients no longer have to prove they can’t get work for welfare, they just have to show up. It’s much the same for food stamps.

During the depression, the poor in the cities were going hungry and farmers had surplus. Food stamps were used to transfer the surplus to the poor. After the war, the program ended.

President Johnson signed it again into law and put it under the USDA. It was not connected to the original bill.  It had the unfortunate consequence of making the politicians’ farm bill a voting gimmick. It became a popular give-away program.

The Republicans recently passed the USDA budget with the food stamps separated out – 70% of the budget. They want to deal with that issue separately so people know exactly what is being voted on. The so-called farm bill obscured what it really is – welfare.

President Obama eliminated the requirements on food stamps and welfare in the Stimulus. He turned back the work of Clinton and the Republican Congress to put people to work and not on welfare. We are now rapidly becoming a welfare state.

The following clips are taken from the Bret Baier special on food stamps aka SNAP.