Obama’s Road To Peace:Fatah-Hamas-Palestine-Israel, One Big Happy Family



UPDATE: .05.22.11 Prime Minister Netanyahu apparently had a different reaction to President Obama’s speech than I did as recorded below. Netanyahu is satisfied that Obama’s AIPAC speech clarified his position on the borders being a starting point and not an end point. President Obama’s reference to kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit was welcomed. Netanyahu said, “I share the President’s wish to promote peace and I appreciate his past and present efforts to achieve this goal. I am determined to work with President Obama in order to find ways to resume the peace negotiations. Peace is a vital necessity for us all,” Read about it here: Satisfied with Obama’s AIPAC Speech

ORIGINAL STORY: .05.22.11 President Obama’s response to the Fatah-Hamas-Palestinian terrorist alliance against Israel (formed only recently) was clear during his AIPAC speech today-Obama wants Israel to accept altered borders in land swaps (swaps-swap what?). Originally, Obama said Israel had to go back to pre-1967 borders but now he is emphasizing land swaps. What I want to know is why the thugs in the Middle East don’t give up a little land for the Palestinians. And why did Obama give this speech on the eve of Netanyahu’s visit?

It is important to note here that Fatah and Hamas have formed a reconciliation pact and it was brokered by Palestinians saying this alliance opens new opportunities for peace talks. It provides, they said, for the formation of a transitional government to prepare for elections and joins Fatah, Hamas and Palestinians in proceeding towards their goal of a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip with a capital in Jerusalem. Netanyahu’s opponents say Bibi has faked outrage over it and essentially nothing has changed. I guess these same people didn’t notice the Arab Spring.

Jerusalem has definitely never, NEVER, been in play and that was put out there by the terrorists only recently. If Israel gives up Jerusalem, Christians can kiss the Holy Land goodbye. The terrorists will never allow any trace of Christianity to remain free. That is easily provable and I won’t deal with it here.

Obama’s speech today and on May 20th is our government’s response to this alliance. Don’t forget Hamas and Fatah are terrorist groups committed, COMMITTED, to the complete annihilation of Israel.


Points made by Obama:
-Talked about his starting out his career, apparently joined at the hip with Jewish people (with friends like this…)
-Thanked everyone, including Eric Cantor, Republican Jewish Representative
-Bellowed about his visit to the Wailing Wall, the 8 year old wounded Israeli boy and all that
-Vowed to stand by the security of Israel (but they have to swap land)
-Over and over again and again, Obama said the 1967 borders were always in play (Netanyahu didn’t seem to know)
-Obama repeatedly exclaimed with increasingly booming voice (his preacher voice) that he fully supports Israel. He said Israel must look to a different approach because of the rapidly increasing numbers of Palestinians on Israel’s borders; the new technology challenging the peace; and the new generation which is growing impatient. Obama expressed his view that he, the UN (they want to indict Israel for war crimes), and other international partners want to join with Israel in a peace agreement but the borders will change
-Everyone has to get on board since time is running out. Fatah and Hamas better shape up too.
-He is committed to Iran not getting a nuclear weapon – just look at the sanctions (that’s worked?)
-Bragged about Iron Dome (which he was opposed to until recently)
-Called for the release of Israeli soldier, Gihad Sirlit
-Said the U.S. (which he interprets as himself) has been behind Israel since minutes after they became a state.

The applause, which was brief but resounding in the beginning, dwindled by the end of the speech and was barely audible during the Palestinian-support portion. There were boos in the background, but they were generally overshadowed by applause. The President iterated and re-iterated his goal of a two-state solution with the 1967 borders in play. They will be decided by the Palestinians and Israel, he said, and they will involve land swaps. The media is spinning it by accentuating the lie that borders (I assume Jerusalem as well) were always in play and Obama said the terrorists have to cooperate so he is being even-handed.

Listen to the video and decide for yourself:

After looking at that, take a look at this brief video of candidate Obama and what he said then – wait for the end.