Obama’s Sequester Disaster “Forces” White House Tour Cancellations


Government Fraud and Waste

The Center for American Progress published a faux graph to promote the Obama agenda and it was sent out in an Organizing for Action email last week. The graph drew a false comparison between corporate jet loopholes and a loss of money for the young, poor, and homeless. Their figures are inaccurate and their argument is bogus. It’s propaganda.

Just look at government waste and fraud in my graph and ask yourself if government is the solution or the problem.

President Obama recently cancelled all White House tours as part of his propaganda campaign to destroy Republicans. He wants to inflict pain on the citizens to make them believe that the government must never be cut – ever.

President Obama thought up the idea of Sequester, which is a 2.4% cut to the increase in spending, and he is blaming Republicans for it. He is counting on the public not paying attention and believing his soundbites.

The White House is claiming that the cancellations are due to staffing problems but the guides are volunteers! Canceling the tours is a ploy. Obama is claiming that Republicans ordered the cancellations when in fact the Republicans offered great flexibility in how the cuts were to be made but the president refused the offer.

The president appears to not care about the many tourists from around the world who arranged for these tours, sometimes a year in advance, as long as he can pretend the Sequester is a disaster.

If you go to the Washington Times you can see an email from higher-ups that informs at least one government department to make the Sequester as painful as possible. The email to an APHIS official said in part, “..So it is our opinion that however you manage that reduction, you need to make sure you are not contradicting what we said the impact would be.”

Why doesn’t President Obama leave the White House tours and cut from some of the following: cut out his $20 million dollar Hawaiian vacations; the $50 million for TSA uniforms; the $400 million to the UN population fund; the $60 million for the Asian Development fund; the $6 million in grants (for 2010 alone) to preserve an 18th Century Mongolian monastery, document traditional Pygmy music in the Congo, preserve carpet weaving traditions in Kazakhstan, and restore 19th Century furniture at the Anton Chekhov House Museum in Ukraine et al; $3.3 million to bail out a failing Alaska tourist boat that the owner says is “sinking private business”; $505,000 to promote specialty hair and beauty products for cats and dogs; and $97,000 for floating outhouses for Oregon fishermen.

Just sayin’