Obama’s Sequester Speech Was Disconnected from Reality


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Friday, President Obama held his Sequester photo-op. He discussed his meeting with the Republicans about Sequester. His speech was completely disconnected from the truth but it worked well. Propaganda and lies do work.

The soundbites were allowed to go basically unchallenged by our media. They are supposed to be protecting us from government lies but they don’t and won’t.

President Obama started out with a lie by saying Sequester was the Republicans’ idea. Jay Carney, Max Baucus, Bob Woodward all agree it was Obama’s idea.

His speech, replete with lies, was good. He lies well. He walked back the Armageddon scenario of Sequester slightly by saying the Sequester cuts won’t be immediate. He did, however, basically say that all the future problems will be the Republicans’ fault because they allowed Sequester.

He blamed his crisis-to-crisis style of administration on the Republicans despite the fact that he is the one who won’t compromise and will only tax.

The spending cuts he referred to, which he supposedly made, were cuts to increased spending that will allegedly occur in the FUTURE. There were no cuts.

The Republicans gave him $800 billion in new taxes and got nothing for it during the fiscal cliff crisis. Obama increased the payroll tax by 2% and no one seems to care. Obamacare has hundreds of billions in new taxes for the middle class and no one cares.

The Republicans offered Obama the opportunity to cut with great flexibility so there would be no pain but he refused. It’s only a 2.4% cut to the INCREASE in spending. It’s 2 cents on the dollar!!!

Obama claims he wants to cut Medicare which is not true.

He wants to destroy the Republicans and that is what this is all about.