Obama’s Speeches, Arrogant and Absurd

Obama slammed the Europeans at an event in Mountain View, California on Monday.

Obama lectured the Eu on their debt crisis this past Monday, and told them to get their house in order. My first response, Is he kidding?

The response by the German commentators was that Obama’s speech was “absurd” and “arrogant.” Condescension is an unwelcomed theme in most of Obama’s speeches, but it doesn’t stop him from making them.

Obama warned Europeans that their inaction was “scaring the world.” Frankly, Obama is probably scaring the world more. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble responded to Obama’s comments, saying… “it’s always easier to give other people advice.”  Read here: Spiegel

At least he didn’t tell the EU to get off their couches, take their bedroom slippers off, and put their marching boots on. Well, if you listen to his speech, he almost did.

Obama gave a blah speech to Silicon Valley on Monday, promoting his jobs plan with the usual generalities, cloaked with overblown language.

In terms of his jobs bill, none of the Democrats up for re-election will vote for the jobs bill, according to Sen. Dick Durbin.

Furthermore, the President touted the tax savings. Reality check, there are $81 billion in cuts and some of the money to pay for it comes from Social Security (which has no money really). The bill has $1.4 trillion in tax increases. How is that a plan for jobs? It does include the usual paybacks to unions for “one year only” jobs. Read here: President Obama’s speech, September 26th

And then there is his speech yesterday, in which he said America is getting a little soft. He thinks we’re great, but we’re soft. I am tired of being lectured to myself. Maybe he needs to stop blaming everyone else for what is clearly under his purview. CNS