Obama’s State of the Union Remarks Hailing Hero Cop- Hartnett



“At this time I’d like you to turn your attention to Michelle’s viewing box. Initially we’d planned, in recognition of the victims of gun violence, to keep one seat empty. But the extraordinarily heroic actions of a Philadelphia Police Officer moved me to make a change. I ask that we all take a moment to salute a truly courageous American, Jesse Hartnett.

Officer Jesse Hartnett

(Growing applause)

As all of you know Officer Hartnett, not only fended off the 13 shot assault of radical Islamic Extremist assassin, Edward Archer, he pursued, shot and wounded his cowardly assailant. Jesse did all this even after having suffered 3 very serious, gun shot wounds to his left arm.

(Thunderous lengthy applause)

(When applause subsides Barack continues)

Many in tonight’s audience, whether watching here in this hallowed chamber, or from the comfort of their homes, may have noted I applied language describing this contemptible gunman, that I’ve previously never used. I’ve labeled Archer what he is; a radical Islamist.

(Stunned silence, followed by an enthusiastic response from the GOP, less so from Democrats)

The events on that darkened street in Philadelphia, followed by reports from Police Captain James Clark and Commissioner Richard Ross Jr., highlighting not only the valor of Officer Hartnett, but the religiously inspired motives of this would be jihadist, have led me to what some might call an epiphany.

Edward Archer
Edward Archer, jihadist

Watching the video, while listening to Capt. Clark say, “He (Archer) pledges his allegiance to the Islamic State, that he follows Allah, and that is the reason he was called upon to do this.” marked the beginning of my transition. Seeing a man dressed in Muslim garb launch an unprovoked attack on a member of our law enforcement community, and hearing Commissioner Ross state, “He has confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of Islam. According to him, he believes the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Koran.” leaves me no other choice but to label these kinds of assaults as Radical Islamic Terrorism!

(Wiping a tear from his cheek, receiving roaring approval, especially from Republicans)

obama crying

(Obama, lowering his sometimes cracking voice proceeds)

I mean a person plotting the cold-blooded murder of a Police Officer simply because it’s that public servant’s sworn duty to enforce our nation’s laws is a frightening look inside the mind of a radical jihadist. That he or she would kill those who protect us from harm because our laws don’t conform to the teachings of the Koran, is perhaps more dangerous and terrifying still.

So, thank you Police Officer Jesse Hartnett! Not only has your heroism inspired a grateful nation, but the whole of your near deadly confrontation, has shed some apparently, long overdue light on this president’s view of an enemy I’ve previously failed to properly identify.

We are at war, and our foes strike us in the name of Radical Islam. Following your fearless example, I will aggressively and relentlessly lead not only this nation’s charge, but the world’s fight against this savage scourge!”

(A 5 minute standing ovation from the entire chamber)

NAH! Just kidding! Expect these remarks not to come during Obama’s next State of the Union, but on the day immediately following Hell’s freezing over.


  1. Absolutely brilliant, Jim!! Glad to see that your rapier wit hasn’t been dulled by the continuing senseless utterings from Obama and his minions. It IS a disgrace that the only sounds we hear about this horrendous terrorist are?…oh, that’s right…crickets!

  2. Those who question the veracity of his tears have been criticized. After all, Obama has a very soft place in his heart for children. Really?
    As a senator, Barack Obama staunchly endorsed abortion on demand without regard to viability. What does that mean? He supports abortion up to, and including, the minute of birth. There’s another word for this, it’s called, “Infanticide.” After all, he would hate to see own of his own daughters “punished” with a child.
    Obama’s Dreamer program ushered into our country thousands of illegal immigrants, many of them children, some “adolescent” young men clearly members of drug cartels.
    Violating federal quarantee laws, Obama distributed the children throughout the country, essentially hidden from sight. But it’s fairly easy to determine where these kids are…just follow the U.S. map where by the CDC reports sudden outbreaks of measles, enterovirus (EV-D68), dengue fever, dangerous strains of Flu, Scalia, TB, Mumps, Rubella, Smallpox, Leprosy, and even Malaria. These are diseases we either wiped out generations ago or, while common to Central America, have never been seen here. Have you seen any Obama tears for the American children who have contracted these diseases, either died because of them or, at the very least, languished for weeks in pediatric intensive care units?
    ISIS has literally made a sport of chasing down children (either non Muslims or those not embracing the barbaric ideals of radical Islam)… chasing children and, upon catching up to them, beheading them where they stand. Might we see a single Obama tear for even one of these children? I think not.
    Lest the story conforms with the Left, with Obama’s radical agendas, not only will it draw not a single tear but this administration, along with their puppet Left Wing dominated media, will do their best to keep Americans as dumbed down as possible regarding any/all of it.
    We are, very reluctantly, informed of some terrorist attacks on Americans…but only when they are too big to hide. There have been dozens of smaller incidences, events easier to be hidden from the public, that transpired here. Not only are there no tears shed for this victims but those stories are kept effectively hidden from the pubic eye.

  3. I await this very set of remarks because I read from the global warming elite that, as our earth heats up due to the selfishness of every one except the elite, hell is rapidly freezing over.

  4. Omit the very last paragraph, post on a Libtard site and I guarantee you to receive 1000 likes ! That is just how stupid and uninformed Libtards are and they will take it for reality. Great job. BTW, how did you get your tongue out of your cheek at the end ? Or was delousing and a cold shower the order of the day ?

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