Obama’s War of Divide & Conquer, Promoting Anti-Semitism


Obama announced he will be on the Letterman show the very day he snubbed Netanyahu. This is not a snub of Israel, it is an outright declaration of war against Israel in favor of her enemies who are also our enemies. They are the Little Satan and we are the Great Satan.

Obama’s announcement is a deliberate insult and it is not what Americans stand for though Obama is hoping to divide us along anti-semitic lines. Israel is our ally, not our enemy.

While Obama snuggles up to Russia for the faux reset in our relationship and as he attempts to meet with every terrorist and communist in the world, he insults our friends.

It is worse than an insult. He is telling the world he will travel to NYC for Letterman and his re-election but not for Israel, sending the message that Israel is unprotected – she is fair game.

When it comes to saving Israel and us from an apocalyptic Third World War, Obama has a scheduling problem, but when it comes to Letterman, he has the time.

via Breitbart and National Journal

President Obama will appear as a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman during a trip to New York on Tuesday, Sept. 18, a source tells National Journal.

Obama is scheduled to return to Letterman’s show just a month after his wife, Michelle, made two Late Show appearances.

The president, locked in a close race for reelection, is seeking to capitalize on a yawning likability gap. An ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Tuesday showed that 61 percent of voters see Obama as the more friendly and likable person, compared to only 27 percent who think his rival, Mitt Romney, is more friendly and likable.

Obama last appeared on the Late Show in September 2009