Obama’s Weekly Address Explains Why We Need His Pen & Phone Dictatorship



Mr. Obama’s weekly address dealt with two issues: The flailing economy for which he assumes no responsibility, and the need for his pen and phone dictatorship to deal with the country’s problems, both real and imagined.

He wants to do more of the policies that have been failing for the last five years.

Stunningly, Mr. Obama’s weekly address began with him bemoaning the very problems he himself has caused. He complained about the fact that average wages ‘have barely budged’ (they actually went down) but he is the one who did it. His policies have benefitted the top 1%.

CNN said this week that blaming Bush is still working.

It takes incredible arrogance for Mr. Obama to rail against the very problems he is responsible for as if he was some kind of bystander.

This is how he began his address:

‘Opportunity is the idea at the heart of this country – that no matter who you are or how you started out, with hard work and responsibility, you can get ahead.’

‘I ran for President to restore that idea, and I’m even more passionate about it today.  Because while our economy has been growing for four years, and those at the top are doing better than ever, average wages have barely budged.  Too many Americans are working harder than ever just to get by, let alone get ahead – and that’s been true since long before the recession hit.’

‘We’ve got to reverse those trends.  We’ve got to build an economy that works for everyone, not just a fortunate few.  And the opportunity agenda I laid out last week will help us do that.’

Then he doubled down on his determination to rule by fiat:

‘I want to work with Congress on this agenda where I can. But in this year of action, whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, I will.  I’ve got a pen and a phone – a pen to take executive action, and a phone to rally citizens and business leaders who are eager to create new jobs and new opportunities.  And we’ve already begun.’

He has begun as he said.

This evening he will, through Eric Holder, ignore states rights and mandate same-sex marriage in every state in the union. This week he also changed immigration law, a change that will allow the US to grant asylum to Islamists with ‘limited’ ties to terrorists and/or terrorist organizations. Obama also announced his intention to invoke another illegal delay in ObamaCare law until, conveniently, after the presidential election.

He bragged about some of his meager pen and phone accomplishments in his address, but he included the very dangerous precedent being set with MyRA:

‘In Pittsburgh, I directed the Treasury to create “my-RA,” a new way for working Americans, even if you’re not wealthy, to start your own retirement savings.’

He ended with his claim that this lawlessness is somehow going to help the middle class even though his policies over the last five years have caused the problems:

‘So when you hear me talk about using my pen and my phone to make a difference for middle class Americans and those working to get into the middle class, that’s what I mean.  And I’m going to keep asking students and parents and business leaders to help – because there are millions of Americans outside Washington who are tired of stale political arguments, ready to move this country forward, and determined to restore the founding vision of opportunity for all.’


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