Obamellian – Now They’re Changing History & Reality




During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. ~ George Orwell

In Orwell’s 1984, The Party of Big Brother changes history as it suits its needs. If someone in the party said something that turned out to be false or not in line with party needs, they simply changed history.

In fact, history changed so continuously that people didn’t know who they were and never identified with a past or a future, which perfectly suited the Collectivists. A person could become an “unperson” — a person whose past existence was erased from the public record and memory. Orwellian ideas live on today in supposedly free societies. In Germany, they have actually changed texts from Nazi Germany against the world to liberation of Germany from the Nazis.

Now we can expect the United States under Obama to do the same. They recently took the word “Islam” out of terror training manuals and within a couple days we have another example. The following won’t be the last example. George Orwell would be proud to use this story as a plot line.

According to CNBC, the energy department changed two press releases from their loan guarantee program, which had been put out on the Internet months ago.

Get this, they replaced the name Sunpower, the loser, with NRG, the winner.

This is not what the government normally does with press releases. They usually issue a new press release with an explanation. Anyway, this wasn’t a correction of an error, it was an attempt to lie.

In a release from April, they changed Sunpower to NRG, even though Sunpower was the owner of the company. In a September release, they changed “sponsored by Sunpower” to “sponsored by NRG.”

The Energy Department changed them back when they were caught, and blamed it on individual contractors.

Sunpower is about to go down the tubes and the government is trying to divest itself of the blame that will soon blow their way.