Occupy the Highway With Obama’s Campaign Workers – Update




Update 11/10: The flea party needed an account to finance their travels so they opened an account with the big, evil corporation, “Wells Fargo.” When asked why they didn’t go to a credit union, they said this was quicker.

Original Story: Twenty-five flea party people, many without shoes, left Occupy Wall Street and are making their way to Occupy DC on foot. They will join Occupy Philly and Occupy Baltimore along the way.

If you visited Occupy Wall Street, then you know that Zuccotti Park is now a cesspool of filth and strange street people. The odor of excrement and urine fills the air as drugs freely exchange hands and literature about anarchy and socialism are given out. Apparently, this is what our administration thinks is the left’s reasonable alternative to the tea party on the right.

Imagine if tea people left their bodily fluids in DC when they marched or if they talked about overthrowing the government – just imagine what would have been said.

If we only had a media to report the truth. If you don’t believe me, go to Zuccotti Park yourself. It’s best at night when they really look like wild people. By the way, it’s a lily-white movement except for the handful of pro-illegal immigration and paid minorities who add a little color.