Odell Beckham Jr Breaks His Ankle


Odell Beckham Jr. broke his ankle in Sunday’s game. The star wide receiver was in tears as he left the field gripping his left ankle. For those unfamiliar with OBJ, he’s the player who recently mimicked a dog peeing on the field, later saying it was an anti-Trump protest.

He fractured his ankle during the fourth quarter of the Giants’ game against the Chargers.

Yahoo Sports reported Beckham suffered a terrible injury when Los Angeles Chargers cornerback Casey Hayward landed on Beckham’s foot and it bent in a bad direction. Beckham fractured his ankle, the Giants announced.  They are awaiting the results of an MRI.

After the game, it was reported that Beckham will likely have surgery, though the Giants have not confirmed that.

Beckham also sprained his left ankle in August.

His contract is up. Those negotiations will be tough. The Giants picked up his fifth-year option, which bumps his salary from a low $1.84 million to $8.46 million next season. He is allegedly underpaid, or was.

The Giants are 0-5.

He reportedly has a broken fibula.


  1. For anybody who’s competed, tough to watch. But so have his antics over the years. All that misdirected God-given talent.

  2. When you do stupid it will come around later to bite you in the Your case: Foot…..Gives you time to consider your childless actions

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