Of All Of Hillary’s Evil Acts, This Might Be the Most Despicable



Hillary Clinton lies about almost everything. She has phony town halls set up where the participants pretend children came up with ridiculously adult questions as they read from index cards, where party hacks and community organizers tell her how “stunning” she looks and how much they “love her”, but her most egregious lies come when she is covering up her worst errors.

She was an incompetent secretary of state and because of her incompetence, the men of Benghazi were left in an extremely dangerous situation and because of her, in part, they were not rescued. However, the most despicable thing she did was to lie to the families of the deceased at Andrews Air Force Base about it being over a video and blaming a hapless, innocent videographer. She then compounded the lie by calling the families liars when they confirmed what she said.

She claimed they were just upset and she understood that but she never said it.

Who are you going to believe? The families or this known liar?

How do you do a thing like this and how can anyone trust her or vote for her after this? How? Tell me how?

A chaplain who wrote a book about his experience at 9/11 and who truly understands that tragedy for the families of the thousands killed asked Erik Erikson that on the Rush Limbaugh show Tuesday.

You tell me, how do you vote for this awful woman? She almost makes the economic illiterate Bernie Sanders look viable.