Officer Darren Wilson Earned Commendation Six Months Ago



Six months before he shot and killed Darren Wilson, 28-year old Officer Darren Wilson earned a commendation for “extraordinary effort in the line of duty.”

His father, John Wilson, posted this message on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, “Very proud of my son Darren Wilson on his receiving a Commendation from his police Department. Congratulations Son.”

John Wilson, who is not speaking to the press, turned to Facebook a few days ago and said this before he canceled his account:

“Dear FB friends, Our family is in need for prayers to be sent up for a family member,” John Wilson wrote. “Circumstances do not allow for us to say anything further. Please pray with our family in mind. Put a covering of protection over our family member please.”

After thanking his friends, John Wilson mentioned a “family situation that is very challenging.” He quoted a Texas evangelical pastor: “When something is ‘out of control’ it is merely out of your control — not God’s!”

Reports via Chief Jackson indicate that the officer is taking the death of the 18-year old Michael Brown very hard.

“He never intended for any of this to happen,” Jackson said. “It’s devastating, absolutely devastating.”

Wilson left his small ranch home several days ago. He is currently on paid leave.

The entire incident that led to the shooting only took about three minutes –  a terrible three minutes.

Wilson has the traumatized parents of Darren Wilson after him, and most of the community of Ferguson, the New Black Panthers, Rev. Al and Rev. Jesse, the DOJ and the President of the United States. They and many in the media have tried and convicted him. All that is left is the lynching.

“He has been an excellent officer for the police department,” Jackson said about Darren Wilson who has served as a police officer for six years.

It is a tragedy that Michael Brown was killed, but it will be compounded if Officer Wilson doesn’t get a fair hearing. The entire situation is very sad for everyone involved and it’s not helped by the elitists in D.C. who are micromanaging it when they can’t even manage those matters they are actually responsible for.