Oh Man, Florida Prosecutor Goes Off on “Third-World Miscreants and Ghetto Thugs”


Ken Lewis

Florida prosecutor Kenneth Lewis has been suspended by the state’s attorney’s office over an “offensive” Facebook rant posted just after the Orlando terror attack which the media is now referring to as a “mass shooting”.

I wonder if he could lose his gun. Bob Casey wants to take guns away from people if they engage in a “hate” crime and he wants to do it without Due Process.

In his post, Lewis called Orlando “a melting pot of third-world miscreants and ghetto thugs” and a “national embarrassment.” The post also sarcastically suggested the shooter’s religion and motivation should not be published, so as not to offend anyone.

Ken Lewis

I’m not sure I have a problem with this. Is Orlando filling up with crazies from the Third World and gangster thugs? I haven’t been to Orlando for a while. The problem I do see is he’s a prosecutor and has be fair.

I have a friend – she’s black – who lives in Bedford Stuyvesant in Brooklyn and she said if the American people knew what lowlifes this government is bringing into the country, there would be a revolution. She sees them. There are a lot of Jamaican voodoo worshippers moving into her neighborhood.

The left is pouring these losers from the underdeveloped socialist world into poor neighborhoods that are already struggling. That’s how much the left cares about the poor. And then, THEN, the left pretends the attack was about gun violence when it’s about Islamic terrorism. They’re crazy makers and deluded Americans.

And what does the GOP do? They play along and talk about gun control. Even our tough guy, Donald Trump, appears to be weakening on the gun issue.

This is insane!

Maybe people should start losing it and ranting.

This prosecutor must see it all and he just saw 49 people slaughtered.

Lewis was previously reassigned for doing something similar. The libs made him undergo sensitivity training for some racially charged posts he made in 2014. None of his cases, however, showed racial bias. He probably doesn’t like thugs.

This time he violated their social media policy. He could end up being fired.

Before we condemn him, we should find out if it’s true. Is Orlando becoming a Third-World Hellhole? That is what this unvetted refugee-illegal immigration-open door policy is about.


  1. Just as much as anything else the eager search for “fairness”, nuance, subtle shades of grey will also be our downfall. There is too much prissy “niceness”. The truth should be told and acted on even if it’s brutal. Most of the immigrants we’ve accepted since 1965 are the scum of the earth.

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