Oh Woe Is Me Hillary Whines That Trump Stalked Her


Hillary says Donald Trump stalked her during the debate. It’s a Clinton tactic – play the woman card.

He was nowhere near her but this worked when she ran for the Senate against Rick Lazio in 2000. Mr. Lazio, a very nice man I met a number of times, walked up to her podium and she pulled the poor little female act.

Mr. Lazio walked over to former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s podium with a piece of paper and demanded she sign a pledge against soft money. The media portrayed Lazio as inappropriate and bullying. It was considered one of the worst debate moments but it was bad because the media made it bad. The far-left Slate suggested last month that Hillary should hope for a Rick Lazio moment.

This is the so-called bullying moment.

Hillary didn’t have one so she is inventing one.

During the rest of the video below, Hillary, a congenital liar, said Trump is a liar, and then she directed people to go to her website to find the truth. Does anyone really believe they can fact-check on her website?

Hillary could work for the KGB or whatever they call it now. She manipulates information so well.

Appearing on “Ellen” today, Clinton says, “It was clear that my opponent, Donald Trump, was going to try to dominate the space, almost to the exclusion of the people sitting there.

“I mean, they were sitting there so that we could talk to them,” she said. “They could ask questions, we would then answer.

Clinton said because of the leaked “Access Hollywood” video, “he was really all wrought up and you just sense how much anger he had. And so, he was really trying to dominate and literally stalk me around the stage.

“And I would just feel this presence behind me,” Clinton said to laughs. “And I thought, whoa, this is really weird!”

The only thing weird is her. I watched that debate and never saw anything like that. In fact, she walked into his space at least once. If she’s afraid of Trump standing while behind her, she’s really too wimpy to be president.


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