Obama Opens Borders to Immigrants with Three More STDs



In the 20th century, people with lice were banned from entering the US but now, thanks to Barack Obama, visitors and immigrants can come in with several highly communicable diseases.

The administration has removed the ban on several sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). The Obama administration removed the ban on people infected with HIV/AIDS in 2009 and recently removed the ban on three more dangerous STDs.

It’s more important to get future Democrats into the country at breakneck speed than it is to protect Americans from disease.

In 1993, a clause was added to the Immigration and Nationality Act which was intended to reduce the spread of HIV-AIDs. It passed 76 to 23.

The clause read: Any alien who is determined (in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services) to have a communicable disease of public health significance, which shall include infection with the etiologic agent for acquired immune deficiency syndrome [AIDS] … is inadmissible.

In 2009, Obama’s administration determined that HIV is not a “communicable disease of public health significance” and let the infected enter the US.

The administration’s determination was not based on fact.

The US has the highest prevalence of HIV infection of any developed country.

HHS estimated that after the first five years of this rule change, there may have been 3,956 to 23,622 HIV-infected new immigrants in the United States. This is only as it applies to lawful permanent resident immigrants and doesn’t include border jumpers or visa overstays.

Overall, the estimated healthcare cost of removing HIV from the travel ban may have ranged from $19 million to $173 million in the first year alone.

Pre-Obama, HHS listed eight diseases as “communicable diseases of public health significance”: tuberculosis (TB), leprosy, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), syphilis, chancroid, gonorrhea, granuloma inguinale, and lymphogranuloma venereum.” Except for TB and leprosy, all are STDs.

Obama recently decided to remove chancroid, granuloma inguinale, and lymphogranuloma venereum as inadmissible health-related conditions for aliens seeking admission to the United States.

As far as tuberculosis is concerned, “All applicants may be required to undergo additional testing for tuberculosis based on the results of the medical evaluation.” It used to be “shall”.

We wouldn’t want to ban any group of people who could cause harm to Americans, would we?




  1. Well, when we say “fundamental” as in “fundamental transformation”, we mean FUNDAMENTAL. Anybody who wants to come in can come in. That’s pretty fundamental, transformationally speaking.

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