“Old School” Dallas Rep Says Sexual Harassment Victims Have to Be Less “Inviting”


Dallas Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson says sexual harassment victims bear some responsibility. She said she’s old school and thinks women have some power to control it by not being “inviting”.

We could wear burqas too!

Judging from Harvey Weinstein’s perversion, he’d be turned on by a woman in a burqa.


  1. I don’t care what the victim, man or woman is wearing, when they say “No” that invalidates any message you think they’re clothes send. If you think a woman’s short skirt (or a man’s short skirt) is telling you she (or he) consents to sex and they disabuse you of the idea,, at most you can be upset at being misled. If I have a shirt on saying “I’d rather be fishing.” that doesn’t mean you can kidnap me and take me fishing while I yell “I don’t want to go fishing!”.

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