Omar’s Evil Wife Is Free, Isn’t Apologizing, and She’s Blaming Guns

Omar Mateen with his second wife Noor Zahi Salman Mateen and their son.
Omar Mateen with his second wife Noor Zahi Salman Mateen and their son.

Omar’s evil wife is free, roaming our streets and she is looking very guilty. She’s also blaming the gun store owner for selling her husband the guns. These maniacs are playing us.

Two months before the horrific slaughter, Omar Mateen turned his house over to his older sister and his Afghan brother-in-law for $10 and his wife was a witness to the “sale”.

Omar's Afghan Brother-in-Law
Omar’s Afghan Brother-in-Law

The mysterious brother-in-law — Mustafa Abasin, aka Mustafa Aurakzai — escorted the widowed Salman, who wore a hoodie to shield her face from cameras, to the Port St. Lucie home to collect belongings. Florida state records indicate he was born in Afghanistan.

Why are any of these people walking our streets?

Noor Salman Mateen, according to The Huffington Post and the anti-American author of the article, Sam Husseini, is complaining about the media and the FBI. She wants people to concentrate on gun dealers who sold her husband his guns.

Husseini claims to have a source in direct contact with this horror of a woman and wrote this:

Noor Zahi Salman. She says that she has read this article. She states in a text which I have seen that instead of blaming her, since she had nothing to do with the shooting, shouldn’t the people who sold the guns take some blame? She writes all she wanted “was a home, family, and peace — for the media to say these lies isn’t right.”

[A friend, who is with her, adds: “It is not an easy time for her … and having a child ask a mother ‘where is daddy’ can’t be easy and for New York Post to show her son’s face is not right.”

Omar bought his guns legally and had a high level clearance from G4s. Imagine denying gun sales to a Muslim with the security clearance to guard Federal buildings?

She is saying the media is lying about her. Noor claims she had no idea of an attack and despite buying the ammo together – seen on video secured by the FBI – she says it’s not true. Now she is saying she never drove her husband to the Pulse though she told the FBI she did according to CBS News. She complained about the NY Post showing her child’s face and the man who accompanied her said this is not an easy time for her.

Who cares? I hope she’s miserable. How stupid does she think we are?

She quickly changed her story and the FBI obviously didn’t lie.

The reason the FBI dropped the first investigation is because Omar said the work colleagues who reported him were Islamophobes.

Salman actually texted her husband as he slaughtered 50 people and told him she loved him. Noor’s accounts have been conflicting since the event.

The shooter himself was a skilled marksman but couldn’t get into the policy academy because of behavioral issues in school, drug use and criminal allegations. Yet, YET, the FBI dropped the investigation and he was allowed to get guns. The gun store owners/dealers don’t approve people for guns, the FBI does.

A gun store owner notified he FBI when Omar tried to buy body armor and other ammo just weeks before Omar slaughtered 50 people but the FBI only contacted him once and dropped it or didn’t complete the investigation.

Katherine Russell
Katherine Russell

Katherine Russell, the wife of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the Boston bomber, got off without an indictment despite being obviously involved. Will this loser get off too and why? There is a Grand Jury considering an indictment against Noor Zahi Salman but it’s still concerning that she is roaming around.

Brigitte Gabriel of Act for America discusses it on the video below – it’s processing. In the video, Megyn reviews the FBI role and other developments such as that of the store owner who reported Omar to the FBI.


  1. These women are just as guilty as the men! Why isn’t she in jail !! Blaming the guns? Outrageous. My guns have not killed anyone and I would expect my wife to turn me if she knew I was plotting such a heinous crime against society. Perhaps, the wife, a so-called moderate muslim, should be a wake up call to Obama and Hillary to keep the syrians out of a civilized society.

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