OMB Prepares for Schumer Shutdown Over Illegal Aliens Because Citizens Don’t Matter


At an emergency press conference Friday morning, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney said that OMB is preparing for “what we’re calling ‘The Schumer Shutdown.

Mulvaney assured reporters it will look different and it won’t be weaponized like the one Obama oversaw in 2013.

“I’ve been through some of these before,” he said. “The Democrats are opposing a bill that they don’t oppose! … They don’t oppose anything in the bill, but they are opposing the bill.”

“I just want to let everybody know,” he said about the potential government shutdown: “We do not want this, we do not want a shutdown, but if Mr. Schumer insists on it, he is in a position to force this on the American people.”

He assures citizens that the process will be “different” than it was under Obama because President Obama “weaponized” the shutdowns for political purposes.

“The only conclusion I can draw is they did it for political purposes. So it will look different this time around,” he said about the impending shutdown of 2018.

During Obama’s weaponized shutdown, he made sure that WWII soldiers, some who were dying, couldn’t see monuments. I was there, I watched it.

He even blockaded cutouts in roads where people stop to admire scenery.

Obama told families of our fallen military there was no money to bury them.

Veterans showed up in D.C. for a march and took the Obama gates away to let in the WWII veterans who traveled from afar to see the WWII Memorial. It’s an open air memorial and there was no need to shut it off.

Obama even made certain that cones were put around the Iwo Jima Memorial at an unnecessarily great distance so the seniors couldn’t see it.


  1. I had read somewhere awhile back, in another similar case, that the Parliamentarian would overrule an effort to continue without cloture, But the President of the Senate Could overrule the Parliamentarian. Of course the way McConnell is with maintaining archaic principles he surely wouldn’t pursue this option. THIS is all due to the Byrd Rule, which was instituted in the 70’s. So it’s not that long of a Tradition.

  2. Schumer is giving an Extremely LONG speech about the Schumer Shutdown. In order to write that long of a speech and the time involved SHOWS this was planned long before the vote.

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