OMG, Big Sis on the Supreme Court?



Photo of Justice Napolitano, perish the thought

Joe Biden wants Janet ‘Big Sis’ Napolitano on the Supreme Court of the United States!

She is so far away from my concept of a Supreme Court Justice that I, Sara Noble, am speechless.

He made the suggestion at her farewell ceremony and it drew loud applause. I heard they were serving stiff drinks and heavy drugs at the party [That’s not really true, I think].

Napolitano is heading for the University of California where she can do the least amount of harm to the nation.

Biden thanked her for “getting us through a pretty rough patch” and said California “should be incredibly grateful. They have no idea what’s coming.”


It’s not true that Biden said, Osama is dead, DHS is alive!

Napolitano choked up when they presented here with a DHS and US flag. I don’t know if they gave her a Mexican flag.

The system worked! She’s gone!

Left-wing Politico has the story.