OMG, We’re Going Down! Obama Appears On ‘Between Two Ferns’ While Putin Takes Over Crimea


Happy Hour

President Obama appeared on a silly Internet show called, “Between Two Ferns” Monday, while Crimea is under siege. Before that, he was golfing in Florida. He didn’t let an international crisis get in the way of his vacation. You can bet that Putin noticed his indifference.

Sometimes, we need to watch silly shows, but, hello, he’s the president and the world is burning.

Celebrities go on this show to be made fun of. The people who appear know the script beforehand.

To pitch ObamaCare, Obama surrendered all decorum and respect due the office of president to reach the youth. What is worse, is he is diverting peoples’ attention from the important issues at hand – the economy and foreign affairs. Worse yet, the youth are allegedly going to in droves because of the show.

Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union but Obama remains unconcerned. Crimeans will vote Sunday to decide whether or not to be annexed by Russia; Crimeans will vote while surrounded by tanks and thousands of military. In the past, the majority of Crimeans preferred to remain autonomous as part of Ukraine, but that’s not likely now.

Crimea has a warm water port and oil fields. Putin has had his eye on the land for some time and has obviously planned for this day. He has made the region and Europe dependent on Russia for oil in preparation for this day.

While Europe caves and Obama gives out bad one-liners on dopey shows, the world burns.

Then there is the disaster that is ObamaCare. Only 25% of 18-34 year olds have signed up for ObamaCare as opposed to the 38% they need. This is why Obama appeared on this show. Desperation?

As a slapstick comedian, President Obama makes a good stage hand.

Decide for yourself. You can listen to a few sound clips or go to the video and decide for yourself.

Sound clips:


Watch the video at Between Two Ferns.


Obama thinks shopping is also a good alternative to dealing with catastrophes. Here he is shopping in New York. He didn’t know how to run a credit card through the machine, pampered as he is.