OMG! What About Bison Management Under Sequester!


poor little bison was almost sequestered


Oh no! I didn’t know that a cut of one-tenth of one percent to the increase in spending would endanger bison management!

I didn’t know the pain would be THIS bad! First the WH tours, then the tuition assistance for our courageous soldiers, and they all pale in comparison to cutting anything whatsoever in a national park. Let’s just keep spending until we can’t afford to pay for much of anything, even with Bernanke’s printing and borrowing.

Apparently, the honchos in Yellowstone got the email about talking up the pain of Sequester. The poor dears are whining that they didn’t know how to choose between all the terrible choices.

Do they cut employees and guided tours?

Do they cut bison management? Thank God they can’t cut that because it’s required by law. What the bison did before us, I will never know.

The park management could freeze new hiring. That would be terrible! It would mean some visitors would be shut out just like they have been shut out of the White House. [though you will notice the WH is ignoring Donald Trump and Eric Bolling who offered to pay for the tours]

The only thing left, mercy me, is to let the snowplows sit idle and pray for an early thaw.

There is more to the article but it is filled with fictional drama in support of a president who wants to hurt us for teeny Sequester cuts, cuts he thought up and won’t renegotiate. Obama wants to keep spending until our economy crashes and burns. The article was published by WaPo, one of Obama’s state-sponsored media outlets, and they really pour it on thick.

The sad story can be found at WaPo