Ominous Reality of Obamacare & Healthcare Exchanges



There is no real justice in Obamacare as it is written, only social justice.

A few days ago, Economic Freedom posted an article about healthcare exchanges, which are the one-size-fits-all, government-controlled markets that people will be thrown into to purchase healthcare when their employers drop health insurance.

If you thought they would be inexpensive, they won’t be except for the subsidized and the elites who are exempt.

The post from Economic Freedom contains some warnings you might be interested in taking a look at.

Why Health Exchanges Will Reduce Choice and Cause Premiums to Skyrocket

  • All insurance policies offered in the exchange will be required to include minimum benefits mandated by the government, including mental health and substance abuse services, prescription drugs, preventive and wellness services, and chronic disease management. [You get to pay for everyone’s drug problems]
  • Bans on annual and lifetime payment caps by companies will eliminate many affordable insurance policies.
  • Provisions such as “community rating” and “guaranteed issue” require insurance companies to accept all applicants and to charge them the same premiums, whatever their health. Health insurers will not be able to manage risk benefits. [An obese, drug-addict will pay what you pay]
  • Under the ACA, premium prices can only vary according to smoker status, geographic area, or age. When premiums are not based on whether or not a customer is likely to get sick, it creates incentives for healthy individuals to leave the insurance pool and for the sick to join. The pool will thus get sicker and sicker, and the risk less effectively spread. [Here comes the rationing]

The higher costs can be seen unfolding in Massachusetts where they have a similar law. In fact, they have the highest premiums in the nation.

Abortions are covered by healthcare exchanges and we will pay for them.

Furthermore, Saul Alinsky groups are forming healthcare co-ops subsidized by taxpayers.

Now that a number of states are not stupid enough to launch a state healthcare exchange, the Cato Institute sees this as resulting in a further and unfair additional tax on other states. This is taxation without representation, not that Justice Roberts will care.

With the upcoming immigration bill, we will have people here illegally taking part more fully in our healthcare. At one time, President Obama said that it would only be the case for children, but we know that is not what will happen.

We will face a doctor shortage when all the millions of additional people can now go to the doctor for nosebleeds and hangnails at taxpayer expense.

Let us not forget ACO’s which will force all seniors into a Medicaid-like system. It won’t be good.

Remember what President Obama said to Mrs. Strum?