One Ad Could End Carly Fiorina’s Presidential Aspirations

Chair of the American Conservative Union Foundation Carly Fiorina speaks about the "War on Women" on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, March 16, 2015. AFP PHOTO/JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)
Chair of the American Conservative Union Foundation Carly Fiorina speaks about the “War on Women” on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, March 16, 2015. (JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)

CNN trumpeted Carly Fiorina’s rocketing to No. 2 behind Trump in the latest CNN/ORC poll; NBC News declared unequivocally that she won the debate; and the NY Times’ headline read she means business. Praise for Republicans, however, is always short-lived.

Carly Fiorina is a good candidate. She’s smart, has good ideas, is knowledgeable. She has done extremely well in two debates and in townhalls. She has been working very hard.

Her performance in the senatorial campaign against the weakened Barbara Boxer five years ago went well also, until near the end of the campaign when Boxer put this ad out.

If there is one thing people can’t stand, it’s outsourcing and layoffs by people perceived to be benefitting personally off the backs of labor.

Carly’s opponents will bludgeon her with it.

On the other hand, if her opponent is Hillary Clinton, it will be a lot harder for them to do, not so if it’s Bernie Sanders.

We had a candidate here on Long Island – a rich businessman – who would have done an excellent job but they had him on tape saying he outsourced to India because they were better workers than Americans. It killed his chances.

It wasn’t exactly the same situation, but it’s close.

I’m not trying to put Mrs. Fiorina down or discourage any supporters, but it is important for people to have the same information the Democrats have.


  1. Typical “dirty press” view of history. At the same time AT&T was releasing some 50,000 employees every 2-3 months. HP was a printer company as was Xerox at the time – had HP stayed with that path it would be out of business today. HP using the Compaq the technology brought to them via a merger brought life back into the future of HP…then came the break of the technology industry bubble and as a CEO Carly reacted to save the company but also gave extremely rich exit packages and retraining to laid off employees.

    BTW while HP shares lost value so did IBM, Dell and Cisco = the entire segment went down!

    Political ads take pieces of info and create a mythical story with just enough facts to look true! Boxer and her team lacking ethical thinking created this ad which is wrong but hard for weak minded people to overlook!

  2. It appears she took advantage of the company and gave herself a million dollars yacht and 3 jets The company lost 30,000 employees and many more when she outsourced the job to China. .

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