One Bureaucrat Can Put You On A Terror Watchlist


Glenn Greenwald is an Islam sympathizer and information he releases has to be viewed in that light. However, he is releasing some vital information that is being kept from Americans.

His journal, “The Intercept” exposed some changes to the Federal government’s terrorist watchlist system under Obama that allows one man to put any American on a watch list without facts.

The government can now blacklist American citizens and foreigners as possible terrorists with “neither concrete facts” or “irrefutable evidence” for up to 72 hours in the face of “credible fear” as defined by Obama. After that, other unelected bureaucrats in the Obama cabinet or their deputies can extend it.

This comes from the “2013 Watchlisting Guidelines”.

The government doesn’t need evidence before they claim a person is representing terror organizations and it gives ONE White House official unilateral authority to place on watchlists “entire categories” of people tracked by the government. 

A counter terrorism official said it is “rarely used”. That’s great but they can use it however, whenever and as often as they want. 

They only need “fragmentary information.”

The document describes the procedures for placing people on a watch list, noting that nominations are based on a “reasonable suspicion that the individual is a known or suspected terrorist.”

That could mean gossip for all we know. It would fit into that vague definition.

Law enforcement could go wild with this. What will it do to peoples’ reputations and livelihoods? It could be done without a scintilla of evidence by a government that targets political opponents.

Acquittal of a terrorism-related crime doesn’t necessarily get a person off the list, which begs the question – can one ever get off the list?

The government needs to abide by laws and stop making up their own laws, giving themselves expansive freedoms with one or few bureaucrats in charge.

According to the Washington Post, an official at the National Counterterrorism Center defended the system.

“The watch-listing system is an important part of our layered defense to protect the United States against future terrorist attacks,” said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss intelligence matters. “Before an American may be included on a watchlist, additional layers of scrutiny are applied to ensure that the listing is appropriate.”

We sure hope so but do we really want unelected bureaucrats making this decision without any oversight by the Supreme Court or Congress? This is the government that targets political opponents and then constantly lies about it.

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