One Electoral College Protester Shows Up in Wisconsin


Rosa Flores, reporting for CNN, said that one woman showed up to protest. The radicals don’t generally come out in the bad weather. Electors received as many as 2400 snail mails from all over the world telling them to vote against Trump.

“You know, I talked to one elector who says he received more than 80,000 e-mails and more than 2300 pieces of snail mail, all trying to sway his vote,” she said. “He’s not the only one. He of course knows some of the other electors because they are all part of the executive committee of the Republican Party here in Wisconsin, and he says some of his fellow electors received 2300, 2400 pieces of snail mail all trying to sway his vote and their vote against Donald Trump, but the thing is, Michigan and Wisconsin, like Jessica was just mentioning, are states that have faithless elector laws. All that means is that they have laws against electors going against the November 8th election results.”

“So what we are expecting here to happen today is in the doors you see behind me are for these ten electors to come in and vote for Donald Trump, because Donald Trump won the election here on November 8th and that’s what they are expected to do again today, officially.”

“Now, I should say the wind chill here in Wisconsin is negative 23. We were expecting protesters outside. Right now, there is one brave woman outside. Again, the wind chill minus 23 degrees.”

We found out after publication that there were a few hapless protesters crying inside the chamber.