One GOP Candidate Dissed Another During the Break


Bush, Rubio

During the break Marco Rubio approached Jeb Bush but Jeb shook his head no and Rubio headed for Donald Trump instead.

Marco Rubio was on Fox&Friends this morning and said they’re “fine”. “I know it makes a good Vine video, but that’s not what happened. We were fine.” Rubio said he doesn’t take anything personally.

Jeb Bush was asked about it on the Fox’s America’s Newsroom and said the same thing.

However, two weeks ago Jeb Bush’s campaign released a 112-page PowerPoint that ripped into Rubio with the same old criticisms. It backfired and Bush said he didn’t know his campaign did that.

Yet, two days ago, the campaign said again they would release more information on Rubio’s pro-life stance in an effort to trash him again. Instead of presenting Bush’s platform and making it appealing, they are going to bash Rubio. Rubio came out with a great ad with clips of Bush praising Rubio.

Watch and tell me if this is a joyful exchange:

This is the ad:


  1. Preferred golden boy ‘Yep’ being rejected by conservative voters across the country and his campaign is a but although his Campaign donations in the tune of 100 million dollars by Wall Street/Chamber of Commerce have done him no good.
    Rubio – the young ‘upstart’ ala Obama – is now the preferred choice of the establishment.
    Rubio talks out of both corners of his mouth – telling American audiences the opposite of what he tells his Hispanic audience when promising them total amnesty and open borders.
    Rubio – Yep’s pupil – has stepped on Yep’s toes making him as sleazy as the left.

    These guys don’t have a clue and don’t understand the ‘cold anger’ by voters who have enough!

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