One Organization Plans to Act on Levin’s Liberty Amendments


Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendments, calls for a convention of three-fourths of the states to provide the seemingly only check and balance system we have left to stop the tyranny of our federal government.

DC needs to be fixed and one of the last avenues to do that is to get the States and the citizens to act. The Founding Fathers left us an avenue by which to do this – a convention of states.

The idea already has at least one backer and a venue for implementation though their approach is more directed.

Mark Farris has launched Convention of States.

Mr. Farris is the Chancellor of Patrick Henry College and Chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association. He was the founding president of each organization.


Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, VA

Mr. Farris says he needs 300,000 people to help him and it could be done in one to two years. His idea is a variation of Mark Levin’s.

The thought of a Constitutional Convention or a convention of states concerns us at the Sentinel because of the current climate. We are concerned about a ‘runaway convention’ that would radically rewrite our Constitution into the South African or Progressive Constitution.

Mr. Farris says it should not be a concern. An application from two-thirds of the states for a single subject has never been requested and he believes this sets a clear, single-subject precedent that will stand up under a legal challenge.

Furthermore, while it takes 38 states to ratify an amendment, it only takes 13 to vote ‘no.’ State legislators also have the option to oppose improper changes to the process. Read more on this link.

Mr. Farris’ approach provides a more directed approach than Levin’s but plays off the idea:

On his website, Michael Farris states:

Citizens for Self-Governance has launched the Convention of States Project (COS) for the purpose of urging and empowering state legislators to call an Article V Convention of States.  The Founders gave American citizens the ability to stop the runaway train of the federal government—COS seeks to provide the people of the United States an avenue within which to use that power.


Rather than calling an Article V convention for a particular amendment, COS seeks to call a Convention of States for a particular subject—limiting the jurisdiction and power of the federal government. This strategy would allow the states to formally consider almost all of Mark Levin’s “Liberty Amendments,” giving delegates the freedom to propose the necessary amendments to stop the runaway power of Washington, D.C.

“Of [Mark Levin’s] 11 proposed amendments, ten would be germane at the Convention of States using the CSG model application,” said Michael Farris, Senior Fellow for Constitutional Studies at CSG.

These include amendments limiting Congressional and Supreme Court terms of office, restoring the Senate, limiting federal taxing and spending (two amendments), limiting the federal bureaucracy, promoting free enterprise, giving states direct authority to amend the Constitution and check Congress, and protecting the vote. Only Levin’s property rights amendment would not be eligible for discussion, Farris said.

“Our model would not be limited to Levin’s proposed texts; the COS could consider other proposals as well so long as they relate to the subject matter of reducing the power of Washington, D.C., and imposing fiscal restraint on the federal government.” …

CNS News interview with Mark Levin about the Liberty Amendments. Concerns about his idea are expressed in the comments after the post.

Mr. Levin presented no actual vehicle for implementation himself.

At some point, this may be the only way out of tyranny.