Only Fraud Can Save Hillary Clinton Now


Hillary scared

Based on new shocking revelations, if Hillary isn’t indicted and prosecuted, it will only be the result of government malfeasance on the part of Jim Comey the FBI Director and Loretta Lynch the DOJ Attorney General, given what we know now publicly. Hillary might have caused the death of human intel assets.

At least one of the couple dozen Top Top Secret emails – SAPs (Special Access Programs) – on Hillary Clinton’s private server included details about human intelligence assets – HCS-O information. This classification is used to protect “exceptionally fragile and unique intelligence community clandestine human intel operations and methods.”

Hillary didn’t give a hoot.

A CIA veteran said this is a “serious matter” on national security and in terms of the sources whose lives she endangered.

It’s also more likely than not that Russian intelligence hacked her server, former Secretary Gates said last week. The Pentagon is attacked 100,000 times a day by the Russians.

The State Department wants a month extension on releasing Hillary’s emails because of the government shutdown (we finally shut the government down) and the inclement weather. They are only losing about a half day because of the weather so this is perplexing.

What difference at this point does it make?



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