Oops! Governor Moonbeam OverSpends By $7 Billion Dollars


Moonbeam – Worst Governor in the World! He failed to balance the state’s check book by almost $7 billion.

Governor Moonbeam Brown estimated a $9.2 billion increase in the deficit but it turned out to be $16 billion. They spent $2.1 billion more than expected (how do you spend $2.1 billion more than expected when you have these kinds of deficits?). They came up $3 billion short in revenues. That leaves $2 billion unaccounted for.

I resent this! He borrows $40 million a day, that’s $40 million a day, from the federal government and I don’t want to give it to him to support his extravagant spending. He just added the unaffordable DREAM Act.

Moonbeam is going to raise taxes on the rich again. He is also going to raise sales tax which should reduce sales and bring in less revenue. Brilliant!

He might cut some state workers.

I think he should tax socialist Hollywood stars at 75%.

Read more: LA Times