Open Borders Policy’s Unintended Consequences


parents of 43 missing students

Parents of missing students.

Anyone who thinks everyone coming across the border is hardworking and well-intentioned needs to rethink that. Criminals looking for fertile territory are pouring across our borders. The drug smugglers – who are all cartel members – are coming in a steady stream. They are killing our youth with their poison. The Mexican cartel runs Chicago.

Illegal Alien gangs are responsible for 80% of the crime in the U.S.

The FBI says they are the primary distributors of illicit drugs in the U.S. The Justice Department said that up to 80% of crime in the U.S. is committed by gangs and that gang membership in this country has grown to 1 million, an increase of 200,000 in the previous few years. This information is from 2011. You know it’s worse now.

Mexican drug cartels are currently operating in more than 1200 U.S. cities. While that number could be inaccurate because it relies on police reporting, I put my faith in the police to get it right.

list of active drug cartels

Ninety percent of the drugs in the U.S. are here courtesy the drug cartels. There are more than seven Mexican drug cartels fully active in the United States.

As the police crack down on violence in the cities, it moves to the rural areas. Police don’t expect the same level of violence as in Mexico but why do they think that? Is it the evidence or PC?

If you want to understand what we are allowing to enter our country, read the story below.

MSN reported that 43 farm boys – students – are missing in Iguala, Mexico. The suspects in their disappearance are the local police who allegedly operated on the orders of the cartel. They report to someone named “El Chucky.”

Authorites found a mass grave with 28 badly burned and dismembered bodies in the area of a peaceful student demonstration where the boys went missing.


We know that police opened fire on the students September 26th and killed six. There is no evidence they were threatened and needed to shoot the boys.

The boys recently went around collecting money for the Oct. 2 demonstration, rejecting cuts to their state-financed school, which opened in 1926 and has long played a role in local social justice movements.

This happened in the dirt poor town of Guerrero.

The missing boys were reportedly good students who wanted to make a difference in this community overrun by political, social, and criminal misbehavior.

“I saw police trucks go up and down the hill to up there, where the bodies are found,” said one man in the neighborhood near the site who declined to give his name out of fear. “Then came the news they found the grave and it may be the students. But you would be a fool around here to accuse the police and expect to live.”

We have to keep looking and praying,” said Santa Cruz Castro, the father of one missing student, Leonel.

He last spoke to his son the day of the confrontation in a phone call, saying, “Don’t worry, Dad, I am going to the march,” which Mr. Cruz took to mean the collection drive in Iguala. “And then I didn’t hear from him and saw the news about the shootings. We didn’t know what to do.”

This is the type of violence Mr. Obama is importing into our country. He doesn’t care about safety as long as he fundamentally transforms us. Even hardened Democrats should want this to stop.

It has NOTHING to do with racism and everything to do with our sovereignty and our safety.

Check out a typical situation that Border Patrol faces. In the short audio clip below rom September 29th, you can hear one of the common tactics used – diversion – as it happens. (h/t bolo)

In this case, a Border Patrol surveillance aircraft detected a small group of about 100 massing at a building near the river on the Mexican side.

Nearby agents detected and responded to a “family unit” of a a woman and two children who just crossed the river. This tactic drew agents away from other positions, reducing effective coverage.

At the same time, three vehicles nearby were spotted on the U.S. side of the river after completing a drug load up.

Two of the trucks were being tracked by a Texas DPS helicopter and the third had been intercepted. Occupants of the intercepted truck bailed out (leaving the drugs behind) and started running back toward the river.


If you couldn’t get the audio to work, try this:

Agents are always wary of situations like this. Experience has taught them that something else is probably going on in their assigned area.

This needs to be stopped. The problem doesn’t exist because we didn’t pass immigration reform. It’s because politicians won’t follow the laws we have.

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