Open Border’s Villaraigosa Launches White House Sponsored Attack on Rubio

L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa, bankrupting LA and hoping to bankrupt the USA

California’s open borders crowd and Obama have a spokesman – L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa. He is an open border reconquista, meaning he wants to recapture the U.S. west for Mexico and believes it was stolen in 1848.

Recently Marco Rubio proposed a version of the DREAM Act that would give young undocumented immigrants legal status – not citizenship – for joining the military or receiving a higher education. It has not been presented in written form. It is very similar to the plan presented in NY by Democratic legislators.

Senator Schumer said the DREAM Act has to be part of a federal comprehensive immigration plan because of the laws and the expense. It will be very expensive.

Villaraigosa on Face the Nation today, chose to meddle in Florida affairs. He said that Rubio’s DREAM Act proposal would give illegals second class status. Excuse me, but don’t they have second class status just by nature of having come here illegally?

Villaraigosa was quick to bring up Romney”s tough stance on illegal immigration in a clear effort to demonize a potential opponent who could  influence the large Hispanic voting bloc. He mimicked some of Romney’s concerns about giving illegals second class status.

Haley Barbour appearing with him said, “Unemployment among Hispanics is higher than among others in the United States, particularly among young Latinos. They are being hurt worse by the policies of this administration, and don’t think that doesn’t enter heavily into their and their families’ thinking.”

The bleak unemployment among all minorities should tell them something about Obama’s performance. Youth minority unemployment hovers around 50%. I don’t think legal Hispanics can be fooled and many will vote for real change.

Democrats had two years in which they controlled the Executive and the Congress but did nothing to pass comprehensive immigration reform because what they care about is re-election. They care more about that than passing a bipartisan immigration bill.

They won’t put a budget up and won’t pass Obama’s budget because they put re-election before country. They have no record to run on so they send out their Viilaraigosas to do their dirty work for them.

LA is going broke and it is no wonder. Villaraigosa’s spending knows no bounds. He is also a Mexican Reconquista. In February, Villaraigosa received the Edward R. Roybal Award for Outstanding Public Service at the Edward R. Roybal Legacy Gala. The Roybal organization supports full amnesty for illegals to include full participation in the American political process from citizenship to public service.

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