Oprah’s Speech Excites Fellow Bubble Dwellers, Offers Zip to Blue Collars


Oprah Winfrey’s 10 minute Golden Globe speech set Democrat, never-Trumper, and media hearts all aflutter.  Many took the opportunity to declare, if she decides to run for President of the United States, a can’t miss candidate.  Unsurprisingly polls immediately popped up showing Winfrey beating Trump in a hypothetical matchup.   Run Oprah!  Run say they.

But the key question, based on her platitude filled Sunday evening talk to an adoring audience, is what was she offering to folks outside the Hollywood, elitist, bubble dweller crowd?  How does suddenly addressing a sexual harassment “problem” that has been rampant in the show biz cesspool for eons, improve the lives of earnest Americans who’ve had no hand in that muck?  In addition, how many of those outside of Oprah’s orbit were OK being lectured to by the same lady who’s been seen in numerous photos canoodling with super sleazer, and possible rapist Harvey Weinstein?

So before moving Oprah into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue maybe we should slow down a little bit and compare her limited message, aimed at a tiny demographic, to The Donald’s much broader message directed at a much bigger audience.

Consider that we saw Oprah speaking to her base;  fellow super stars, an ever fawning media, and desperate Democrats.  Meanwhile, President Trump continues to pick up where candidate Trump left off by speaking to and engaging his base. They would be the hard working, forgotten men and women looking for ways to improve the lives of their families through better, higher paying jobs.

The most telling aspect of Winfrey’s speech can be found in how it went virtually uncriticized.  That’s critically important because it demonstrates that Democrats, anti-Trump people, and the media remain absolutely clueless as to how they lost in an electoral landslide.  The coastal elites, reinforcing each other’s narrow minded prejudices about those living in “fly over country” continue to ignore the blue collar workers who abandoned Dems in droves to vote “The Donald” into the White House.

The Oprah’s much ballyhooed address continued that failed strategy of offering a constituency Democrats once relied on for winning elections, absolutely no reason to leave President Donald Trump.

Who really cares about Hollywood sexual harassment?  It’s “jobs and the economy stupid.”  Trump has always understood the latter.  The other side, not so much.



  1. While Oprah is simply one more ultra-rich Hollyweird elitist perpetually moaning over the plight of poor people from the safety of her beyond lavish Beverly Hills mansion, how much worse could she be than the senile Bonehead Joe Biden, Bolshevik Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, Commie Cory Booker or Kamala Harris, the Mexifornia Madam? I wonder if, since Oprah could use someone with at least some modicum of GOVERNMENT experience in her administration, she would pick ex-Cincinnati Mayor, Jerry Springer, as her running mate?

    Why not?’

    For the most part, politics has already been turned into a Reality TV show… so why shouldn’t it be turned into a REALLY BAD Reality TV Show?

  2. As Milo put it, “She spoke to a room full of women who were Perpetrators masquerading as victims and she blessed them and absolved them.” Only Hollywood would take the opportunity of getting caught as a opportunity to lecture the rest of us.

  3. Just another elitist who thinks she is above the rest. What would it take to burst that stinkin’ bubble? So how sorry did you feel for her looking at her looking at her mud slide?

    • A mudslide in Hollyweird? How did they tell the difference between that and a mass excretion of their moral credibility?

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